Miranda Wolpert

Wellcome Trust

Miranda Wolpert

Professor Miranda Wolpert heads the Mental Health Priority Area at Wellcome Trust. The overall vision is a world where no one is held back by mental health problems.

Prof Wolpert is also Professor in Evidence Based Research and practice at UCL and founded the Evidence Based Practice Unit, which is dedicated to bridging research and practice in youth mental health. Between 2012-2019, she was NHS England’s National Informatics Advisor for Children and Young People’s Mental Health.

Prof Wolpert has extensive experience as a clinical psychologist for NHS England and in schools. Her experiences working with young people and families led her to co-found the Child Outcomes Research Consortium, a learning collaboration focused on understanding the impact of mental health and wellbeing support through collecting and using outcome evidence. In 2017, Miranda was awarded an MBE for her services to children and young people’s mental health.

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