2019 Venture Winner 2019 Science Start-ups (Falling Walls Venture)

Dornoosh Zonoobi

University of Alberta


Access to the immense value of medical imaging is difficult, if not impossible, for much of the world. is changing this. MEDO radically simplifies medical imaging, using artificial intelligence, 3D technologies and cloud computing to remove the need for a highly trained expert to perform or analyze a scan. The technology will bring the power of medical imaging, using ultrasound, to the frontline of patient care, enabling caregivers anywhere to quickly and accurately diagnose both common and critical conditions. With MEDO’s device agnostic technology and minimal training, users can make diagnoses that matches expert radiologists.

More specifically, MEDO’s unique platform analyzes foggy ultrasound images and translates them into complete and clear 3D models with relevant clinical information. Furthermore, the effectiveness has been scientifically proven, with results published in highly ranked journals.