Mebiol Inc.


2016 2016 Winner | Venture Science Start-ups (Falling Walls Venture)

Presented by

Ali Adnan

Nominated by

Tohoku University


Both agriculture and medicine are life sciences however Innovation in agriculture has been slow as compared to advances made in the medical field.  This is due to the complexity related to variable properties of water, soil and the environment that requires to be optimized for cultivation of plants.  Our research based on Japan’s advanced polymeric membrane technology began by addressing the public health sector in the field of blood purification and oxygen enrichment.  It was through this continued process of R&D that resulted in the invention of the world’s first hydro-membrane called Imec® – a film like material that serves as a substrate for plant-seeds to grow upon.  The invention of Imec® followed by the development of a complete farming system successfully replaced the soil ridding the farmer to deal with the related complexities  – enabling farming anytime, anywhere to grow quality and nutritious produce in a cost effective, sustainable and an environmental friendly manner.

Imec Farming allows – Significantly lower load on the environment as the system does not have any drainage therefore almost no wastage of water, nutrients and fertilizers – Allows delivery of fresh and live crops to consumers in a clean and efficient manner – Ability to grow produce with significantly higher nutritional levels allowing the farmer to compete by offering higher quality produce – Simple and Efficient design making it easy to operate for people without having experience in farming.

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