Year 2017 2017 Winner | Venture Winner Science Start-ups (Falling Walls Venture)

Presented by
Haidin Rashid

Nominated by
Imperial College London


Materialize.X, is offering a non-toxic bio-adhesive as well as an optimisation machine learning software for wood engineering. The software is tailored to the complex manufacturing processes and allows manufacturers to increase productivity and integrate new technologies faster into their production lines. The start-up’s adhesive is based on abundant feedstock and is produced at low manufacturing costs.

They thus offer a tightly interconnected hardware (non-toxic bio-adhesive) and software: by modelling the manufacturing process, they develop an in-depth understanding of the process which allows them to integrate their adhesive into the production line much faster and cheaper than with current trial and error methods.

The adhesive industry is changing, forced by regulation and customer’s demand to shift to non-toxic alternatives. 48 million tons of urea formaldehyde-based glues are employed every year to produce engineered wood. In recent years regulations have been tightening on formaldehyde around the world, such as the one being enacted in 2017 by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency. These new laws are very constraining to manufacturers, decreasing their productivity by around 15%, and is pushing them to actively seek alternatives. Materialize.X. wants to facilitate engineering-wood companies to cope with these regulations.

Combining the power of material science and machine learning, Materialize.X believe in the future of sustainable materials and adhesives. By applying artificial intelligence, they reduce time and cost in the discovery and optimisation process.

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