Wissenschaft im Dialog

Markus Weißkopf

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Markus Weißkopf is Executive Director at Wissenschaft im Dialog (WiD), a role he has held since January 2012. The initiative of several leading German research and funding organizations, WiD brings science and society together and encourages dialogue between them.

Markus studied politics and management in Konstanz (Germany) and Madrid. After working as a management consultant, he established the “Haus der Wissenschaft” (House of Science) in Braunschweig (Germany) and became its Executive Director shortly after. In 2013 Markus initiated a Think Tank on science communication called the “Siggener Kreis”. Since 2016 he is President of the European Science Engagement Association.

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Wissenschaft im Dialog gGmbH

Germany (Berlin)

Wissenschaft im Dialog (WiD) is the German organisation for science communication of the scientific community. WiD supports science and research with expertise in effective communication with society and encourages researchers to communicate their research, including its controversial aspects, with the public. Moreover, WiD raises citizens awareness for the social significance of science and promotes understanding research processes and findings. For that reason, WiD organizes various participatory formats, e.g. discussions, school projects, exhibitions, and competitions across Germany and provides online portals about science and science communication.

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