Lim Chuan Poh

Singapore Food Agency

Lim Chuan Poh

2020 Jury | Engineering & Technology Engineering and Technology Jury 2020 2020 Jury | Remote Breakthrough Day Engineering and Technology

Jury: Engineering and Technology

Liam Chuan Poh was appointed Chairman of Singapore Food Agency (SFA) on 1 April 2019. Prior to this, he was the Executive Chairman of A*STAR from April 2007 to March 2019; Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Education (MOE) from July 2003 to March 2007; and Chief of Defence Force of the Singapore Armed Forces from July 2000.

In Japan, he is a Board and Council Member of the Science and Technology in Society (STS) Forum; Member of World Premier International (WPI) Initiative since 2007; as well as being a Special Committee Member of Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) Advisory Committee since 2014.

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