Lilium GmbH

2015 Venture Finalist 2015 Venture Finalist Science Start-ups (Falling Walls Venture)

Presented by
Daniel Wiegand

Nominated by



We are working on an innovative product which has the potential to disrupt personal aviation. We are building the worldwide first entirely electric vertical take-off and landing jet. We believe that Lilium can convince the jury and audience not only by offering its customers a totally new flight experience but also by contributing to tackle climate change. Its aircraft is emission free, as it works entirely electrically, which is a huge progress in comparison to how existing aircraft operates. The two-seated, entirely electric jet combines the ability of a helicopter to take-off vertically with the speed and comfort of an electric business jet. Due to the electric and shielded fan engines the Lilium Jet is much more quiet than a helicopter during take-off and thus gets permission to fly in most places helicopters are forbidden.

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