Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich, Germany

Larissa Faaß

2022 Intensive Track Female Science Talents

Larissa Faaß grew up in a small town in Bavaria, Germany. Her fascination with the human body inspired her to study molecular medicine. Her studies brought her to many new places like Bonn, Krakow, Heidelberg, Ulm and Tel Aviv. She is particularly interested in the field of medical microbiology, which is why she is currently pursuing a PhD in this area. Next to her PhD, she is working on translating her passion for bacteria into a product for natural and sustainable improvement of skin health.

I want to use bacteria to naturally and sustainably improve skin health. I want this, because many people suffer from skin diseases related to an imbalance of skin bacteria, and current treatment options have many negative side effects. I can do this, because I am part of a team that has found a way to naturally rebalance the skin’s microbiota and has the skills to bring this product to market.