2020 Winner | Science & Innovation Management 2020 2020 Finalist | Science & Innovation Management

Knowledge, knowhow and well-equipped scientific laboratories are an essential challenge to innovation in natural science, especially bio- chemistry and medicine.

Born out of the “We Vs Virus” hackathon in March 2020 and further developed at “EU vs Virus”, Tobias has co-created LabHive – an online-tool to match qualified researchers and labs offering their underutilized resources. This means matching skilled scientists with the equipment, reagents, experience with lab techniques or data analysis, and needs of diagnostic laboratories. This innovative concept emerged as a response to the Covid-19 testing crisis, however, it has potential to change science management and collaboration in the future. The jury found this to be a refreshing, young, and energetic initiative trying to solve one of the many shortcomings of a society in lockdown: Ensure that research can be kept going.

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