Journey to the center of the volcano


Journey to the center of the volcano

Engage Winner Project 2020 2020 Engage Finalist 2020 Engage Winners

Aimed at children and adolescents, it addresses the issues of volcanoes: formation, eruptions and influence of them in our cultures. It uses augmented reality, virtual reality, scenography, models, and the mediation of a team of young geologists that guided small groups (5p) through informative and interactive panels until reaching a real size ship where they could take a VR trip inside a volcano from the crater to the magma chamber. Exhibition takes people for surprise in public spaces.

Sofía Otero-Cavada

Andean Geothermal Center of Excellence

Sofía Otero-Cavada is a journalist, writer, science communicator. She is working in the field of promoting mathematical and physical sciences for 10 years, developing communication strategies and outreach materials in several platforms (videos, books, museum exhibitions, social media) for different audiences. To generate interest and entertainment with science are Sofías main working drivers, and boredom is her enemy. She got her Journalist Diploma at Universidad de Chile and a Master in Science Communication at the University of Otago (NZ). Currently, she is working at CEGA and is Co-Director of Achipec.

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