Helmut Dosch

DESY, Helmholtz Association Hamburg

Helmut Dosch

2010 Speaker 2010 Speaker Breakthrough Day

Taking x-rays beyond the limitations of the mid-80s, Helmut Dosch has developed an ‘optical trick’ that gives us an insight into the molecular structure of surfaces and interfaces. Dosch gained prominence through his research on synchrotron radiation contributing to the use of x-ray scattering as a method in surface science, order-disorder phenomena in condensed matter, fluctuations in matter and nano-oxidation. With these successes in place, Dosch’s work promises to make a landmark contribution to the scientific panorama by rendering the premelting of ice well below zero degrees centigrade.

Currently the Chairman of the DESY Board of Directors and an advisor to several renowned institutions including the Minerva Weizmann Committee and the Europhysics Letters, Dosch’s breakthrough promises to be of utmost importance in an age of environmental degradation as it implies the existence of water under extreme conditions.

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