Emperra GmbH

2015 Venture Winner 2015 Venture Finalist Science Start-ups (Falling Walls Venture)

Presented by

Christian Krey

Nominated by

Peppermint Venture Partners


Emperra will revolutionise diabetes care by using smart devices enabling an optimized diabetes care. We have developed the first multi insulin pen (Bluetooth and short wave enabled) able to wireless transfer the injected insulin dose to a web-based portal and make the data (insulin dose and what insulin) visible to patients and physicians as well as caregiver. They all can access this data together with blood glucose data from a wireless blood glucose meter on smart phones with the Emperras App or through the PC, smart TV. This allows the interaction between patients and the physicians. Emperra has finshed a 250 patient study with signifcicant postive results on the reduction of HbA1c levels as well as on compliance in type I and type II patients. In addition insulin consumption also was reduced.  Meanwhile the Emeperra ESYSTA system is reimbursed in Germany and US entry is under preparation. The ESYSTA system is currently launched in Germany.

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