Warsaw University of Technology

Agnieszka Zuchowska

2022 Winner | Lab 2022 2022 Winner Speaker Winner Lab Finalist Emerging Talents (Falling Walls Lab)

Dr. Agnieszka Zuchowska is an assistant professor at the Chair of Medical Biotechnology at the Warsaw University of Technology. She completed a year and a half postdoctoral fellowship in the AMBER group (University of Twente, the Netherlands). She has documented experience in the field of biological research carried out with the use of microfluidic Cell-on-a-Chip systems, confirmed by 25 publications, 17 of which are from the JCR list, with a total IF = 95.073. Her interests and knowledge include the use of miniature flow devices in modeling organs, their connections, and their use in drug screening (organ-on-chip, multi-organ-on-chip). She is an expert in the field of obtaining, using, and biological analysis of spatial cultures of spheroids under standard and flow conditions.

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