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Dilip Menon

2023 Jury | Social Sciences & Humanities 2021 Winner | Social Sciences & Humanities 2021 Science Breakthrough | Social Sciences & Humanities Science Breakthrough Social Sciences and Humanities Jury 2022 Jury | Social Sciences & Humanities 2021 Jury Winner Format Breakthrough Day Category Social Sciences & Humanities

Currently the Mellon Chair in Indian Studies at the University of Witwatersrand, Dilip Menon was educated at Delhi, Oxford and Cambridge. He is a historian of ideas and his research focuses on oceanic histories and epistemologies of the global south. He has worked collaboratively with scholars from Africa, Asia, and Latin America to develop a conceptual vocabulary for the social sciences from traditions of intellection in these spaces. He works with the idea of paracoloniality; of what always exceeded the colonial encounter in the making of the modern world.

Dilip Menon’s latest publications include Elementary Aspects of the Political: Histories from the Global South, Ocean as Method: Thinking with the Maritime, Changing Theory: Concepts from the Global South, and Walking on Water: Globalization and History.

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