2020 Science Start-ups

Today, more than 80% of humankind’s global calorie supply is based on plants. The United Nations predicts that in only thirty years, we will need to increase global food production by further 50%. Without more land and under changing climatic conditions. So, to keep humankind fed, agriculture must become more efficient. ConstellR, a joint Fraunhofer-DLR spin-off will help to make that happen. Using our patent-pending technology, we will install the world’s first system in orbit which can truly optimize agriculture on a planetary scale: with daily updates, unmatched accuracy, single field precision, and for 3% of the cost of traditional solutions. So far, we are fully publicly funded, including the launch of our demonstrator mission in Q4 next year. We are currently closing a pre-seed round to fund a de-risking activity beforehand and will raise again before the launch to be production-ready by then and provide global coverage as soon as 2023. And we are excited to have your support!

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