Adventure in the Plants Kingdom
Adventure in the Plants Kingdom


Adventure in the Plants Kingdom

2022 2022 Winner Project | Engage Science Engagement (Falling Walls Engage)

About the project

Adventure in the Plants Kingdom is part of a project funded by National Geographic’s COVID-19 Remote Learning Emergency Fund for Educators Grant. The idea was to equip primary and secondary school learners with an explorer mindset and skills that enable them to discover their surroundings in ways in which they can have a deep connection and understanding of the environmental ecosystems through geo-inquiry. We achieved this through practical hands-on and outdoor play activities that led to the observation of specimens using the Foldscope microscope, a hand-held pocket-friendly microscope. Through these microscopy activities, children’s connectedness with nature allowed them to engage and learn vital science concepts creatively in an autonomous playful manner while exploring plants and animal cells including microorganisms. We considered taking science away from the scientific discovery and innovation from the conventional test and science labs.


The project’s aims and impact

The project aimed at helping the learners to acquire a conservation mindset through the understanding of plants beyond naming and listing the parts but additionally developing a deeper social-emotional connection with the plants, their functions, and how to coexist with them in the environment. Developing a better connection with plants, understanding the overall life cycle of a plant and its contribution to the ecosystem will lead to learners becoming more aware of the ways they practice conservation.

Michael Mumbo

Adventure in the Plants Kingdom

Michael Mumbo is an EdTech professional with a background in Mathematics and IT.  He is the Co-founder and Executive Director. As an educator with expertise in Instructional Design, Michael Mumbo has designed and developed various face-to-face and e-learning resources and courses for various institutions in Africa and beyond. As a Columbia University Fablern Fellow, he is keen on creating more opportunities for learners through maker spaces in community learning centers in the Western region of Kenya. His current work includes coordinating and overseeing various educational initiatives and projects at Edutab Africa.

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