‪Aurélie Lacroix

Sixfold Bioscience

‪Aurélie Lacroix

2020 2020 Finalist | Lab Speaker Lab Finalist Emerging Talents (Falling Walls Lab)

Dr Aurélie Lacroix joined Sixfold Bioscience (London) as an MSCA fellow in 2020 to develop drug delivery systems for cancer therapies. Aurélie completed her PhD at McGill University with Prof. Sleiman. She studied the fate of DNA cubes in biological conditions. She holds an MSc in chemistry / MRes in medicinal biochemistry from Montpellier. Aurélie also loves discussing science with the public: She completed a science communication degree, took part in the 3MT competition, and worked with Pint of Science. Finally, she loves dancing to jazzy music and spending time finding the best wood-fired pizzas!

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