Lab ORGANISER Download section

Lab organisers are welcome to find all materials necessary to implement a Lab at their institution by browsing through the steps below and downloading everything from presentation templates to our evaluation tool. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Falling Walls Lab team directly.

Step 1 – General Information

  1. Bookmark this page so that you can easily access it in the future.
  2. Browse through the 2022 Guidelines.
  3. Read the One Pager.
  4. Watch the 2021 Highlights Video.
  5. Familiarise yourself with the Costs to Consider when organising a Lab.
  6. Read the Terms and Conditions carefully, then sign & return them.


Online/Hybrid Labs

  1. Additionally, please read through the Online Lab Handbook.

Step 2 – Acquiring Partners & Pinpointing Details

  1. Contact potential partners with the Sponsorship Letter Template
  2. Use the Sponsorship Benefits Template to help determine what role potential partners could play in your Lab
  3. Email the Falling Walls Lab team in Berlin the following information:
    – Preferred name of your Lab: Falling Walls Lab XXX (usually the city in which you will host the Lab)
    – Format: In-person/hybrid/online
    – Organiser(s) & Partners:
    – Location:
    – Date & Time (no later than 30 September 2022, spring/summer dates strongly encouraged):
    – Application Deadline:
    – Email contact for the marketing poster (& website if applicable):
    – Logos (attach files to email)

Step 3 – Promoting the Lab

  1. The Falling Walls Lab team will send you a Custom Logo & Marketing Poster. Use these to create additional marketing materials.
  2. Feel free to use the standard Social Media GIF to help spread the word.
  3. Bring attention to your Lab using the Marketing Material Templates (social media templates, press release, call for applications, boilerplate).
  4. If interested in creating marketing materials not provided by Falling Walls, feel free to use the 2021 Finale Photos (please make sure to use the copyright information provided).



  1. Online banner (970x250px).
  2. Social media kit: Facebook/LinkedIn GIF (1200x1200px), Twitter GIF (1024x512px), Instagram GIF (1080x1080px).

Step 4 – Preparing Participants

  1. Invite & brief jury members with the Jury Templates.
  2. Request jury approval from the Falling Walls Lab team by submitting a list of your jurors using the Jury List Template.
  3. Make a final selection of presenters and contact all applicants with the Acceptance or Rejection Templates. Send the Presenter Briefing and Presentation Template to those applicants who were successful. There is a difference between the presentation template for DAAD Labs and the one for non-DAAD Labs.
  4. Ensure jury members are familiar with the Scoring System.
  5. Familiarise yourself with the Evaluation Tool.
  6. Prepare the Voting Sheets using the template.


Online/Hybrid Labs

  1. Please contact the Lab team in Berlin to receive a custom digital alternative for both the evaluation tool and the voting sheets.

Step 5 – Executing the Event

  1. Have a look at the Stage Setup.
  2. Get inspired by past Branding Activities.
  3. Brief the photographer and videographer with the Photography & Videography Briefing.
  4. Download the following files:
    Countdown Clock.
    Default Slide Template. There is a difference between the DAAD Lab default slide and the non-DAAD Lab default slide.
    Question Sign

    Programme Booklet Template
  5. Consider printing name badges for participants.
  6. Contact the Falling Walls Lab team in Berlin to confirm that your Falling Walls Lab roll up banner is up to date or request a customised Roll Up Banner. A Falling Walls Lab roll up banner must be present at every Falling Walls Lab.
  7. Let the Falling Walls Lab team know who will be signing your certificates (name, position, affiliation) and request customised Certificates and Partner Sheet.
  8. Prepare for the presentations with the Event Flow Briefing and conduct a final rehearsal.
  9. Use the Awards Ceremony Template to help announce the winners during the awards ceremony. Please be aware of the difference between DAAD Labs and non-DAAD Labs.


Online/Hybrid Labs

  1. Feel free to use the Lab Backdrop for your virtual events or make one specific to your Lab with your custom logo.

Step 6 – Post-Event Tasks

  • Inform the Falling Walls Lab team about your winner (first name, last name, email address) within 24 hours of your Lab.
  • Submit the following:
    List of Presenters
    – Post-Event Report (external link)
    – Photos, videos, and press coverage (via file transfer service)
  • Inform your winner about the opportunity to apply to the Innovation Week (10-16 November 2022), organised by TU9 and the DAAD, using the materials below. Attention: Lab Winners must submit their applications for the Innovation Week within two weeks of their Lab.
  • IMPORTANT: To make the Falling Walls Science Summit as safe as possible, the Falling Walls Foundation has decided to only allow participants who have been fully vaccinated and/or boostered with a vaccine approved by a national regulatory authority, as well as those who have recovered from COVID-19 (between 28-90 days prior to the event), onto the premises.
  • Prepare your winner for the finale:
    – Confirm your winner is in possession of a valid passport that does not expire before May 2023 and, if not an EU/EAA citizen, has begun the visa application process.
    – If not in the EU, confirm your winner fulfils current travel requirements to enter.
    – Book a flight for your winner or, if they cannot travel to Berlin for COVID-related reasons, assist them in the creation of their pitch video with the Video Pitch Briefing.
  • Falling Walls will reserve a hotel room at our partner hotel for your winner. To assist with this, please consult the Preliminary Schedule and Hotel Coordination file (last updated: 22 September 2022).
  • International Lab organiser tickets for the global finale are in high demand every year, and we only have a very limited number of tickets available. This means that not every Lab organiser receives an organiser ticket and priority will be given to hosts who have not yet attended the finale in Berlin. If interested in a Lab organiser ticket, please contact the Falling Walls Lab team and they will get back to you as soon as possible. Tickets will also be able to be purchased directly via our website.
  • Find out when your winner will be presenting at the finale with the Order of Presentations.
  • Share the Livestream Flyer with your network.
  • After the finale, share your winner’s pitch video with your network once it becomes available in the Falling Walls Content Library.

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