Mateusz Szatkowski wins the Falling Walls Lab Wroclaw 2016

The University of Wroclaw hosted the first Falling Walls Lab Wroclaw 2016 with the support of the Falling Walls Foundation, A.T. Kearney (Founding Partner) and Festo (Global Partner) on 10 October 2016. 

Talented academics and entrepreneurs presented their research projects, business models and initiatives in front of an interdisciplinary jury and the public.

The jury selected the most intriguing presentation based on the breakthrough factor, impact and performance. The winner of the Wroclaw Lab will travel to the Lab Finale in Berlin on 8 November as one of 100 finalists from accross the world. The winner will also receive a ticket for the Falling Walls Conference where some of the world's most prominent scientists present their current breakthrough research on 9 November 2016.


Meet the winner:

Mateusz Szatkowski     Poland     Wroclaw University of Science and Technology     Breaking the Wall of Microscopy

By introducing an optical vortex (phase singularity) the structure of microscope illumination is qualitatively changed. This facilitates microscopy with a simple, far field setup to reach a resolution in the nanometer range, far below the optical light wavelength. This new idea is suitable for a broad range of applications where high-tech equipment (such as vacuum technologies for scanning electron microscopy or atomic force microscopy) cannot be used.


Meet the jury:

Prof. Dr. hab. Iwona Bartoszewicz, Prorector for Science, University of Wroclaw

Prof. Dr. hab. Jan Burdukiewicz, Prorector for Int. Collaboration, University of Wroclaw

Dr. ing. Jacek Lampierski, Prorector for Student Affairs, Wroclaw University of Science and Technology

Prof. Dr. hab. Ludwik Turko, Board Member German-Polish Society, University of Wroclaw

Dr. hab. Marcelina Zuber, Vice Dean Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Wroclaw


The jury and participants of the Falling Walls Lab Wroclaw 2016.

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