Karin Ljubič wins the Falling Walls Lab Ljubljana

The University of Ljubljana hosted its very first Falling Walls Lab on 25 March 2015 bringing together junior and senior innovators.

Aspiring scientists of all fields shared their research work, social initiatives and business models with a high-calibre jury. The ideas presented ranged from medicine to public policy and more. The jury selected its most intriguing innovator who will travel to the global Falling Walls Lab Finale, which takes place on 8 November 2015 in Berlin. The winners of all international Falling Walls Labs will pitch at the Lab Finale to get one of three speakers' slots on the main stage of the Falling Walls Conference.


Meet the jury:

Sonja Šmuc, Executive Manager, The Managers' Association of Slovenia

Branko Žibret, Partner, A.T. Kearney

Lidija Honzak, Director, Ljubljana University Incubator

Martin Čopič, Vice-Rector, University of Ljubljana

Andrej Kos, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana


Meet the winner:

1st place: Karin Ljubič (Slovenia), University Clinical Center Maribor - Breaking the Wall of Data Storage

Karin alongside with a computer programmer and two biotechnologists wrote a computer program, encoded it into a DNA sequence and stored it into a living plant. She has brought a "green" approach to data storage technology.


The presenters and jury members of the Falling Walls Lab Ljubljana 2015



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