Elham Fakhr wins the Falling Walls Lab Iran 2016

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) hosted the first Falling Walls Lab Iran 2016 with the support of the Federal Foreign Office of Germany, the Falling Walls Foundation, A.T. Kearney (Founding Partner) and Festo (Global Partner) on 4 October 2016. 

15 talented academics and entrepreneurs presented their research projects, business models and initiatives in front of an interdisciplinary jury.

The jury selected the most intriguing presentation based on the breakthrough factor, impact and performance. The winner of the Iran Lab will travel to the Lab Finale in Berlin on 8 November as one of 100 finalists from accross the world. The winner will also receive a ticket for the Falling Walls Conference where some of the world's most prominent scientists present their current breakthrough research on 9 November 2016.


Meet the winner:

Elham Fakhr     Iran     German Cancer Research Center Heidelberg (DKFZ) / Tehran University of Medical Sciences     Breaking the Wall of Immunotherapy of Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is the third prevalent cancer worldwide and the second cause of cancer death among women. However, there is no specific treatment for this lethal disease. Elham intends to identify the accurate profile of T cell receptors involved in cancerous tissues and to consider them as a candidate for the construction of engineered smart T cells (CAR T cells).


Meet the jury:

Dr. Frens Stoeckel, Director, DAAD Tehran

Dr. Zahar Barth-Mansouri, Head of the Department of Government Stipend Programmes Middle East, North Africa - ST35, DAAD Bonn

Mostafa Maleki, Programme Manager, DAAD Tehran

Prof. Dr. Alex Klein, Inorganic Chemistry, University of Cologne

Prof. Dr. Hartmut Reinhold Ernst Stützel, Head of Section Vegetable Systems Modelling, Institute of Horticultural Production Systems, University of Hannover

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