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Lab hosts are welcome to find all materials necessary to organise a Lab at their institution by browsing through the steps below and downloading everything from presentation templates to our evaluation tool.

Step 1 – General Information

  1. Read the 2020 Guidelines (update coming soon), browse through the One Pager, and watch the 2019 Highlights Video and the 2020 Emerging Talents Winners Session to become acquainted with the format.
  2. Familiarise yourself with the Costs to Consider when hosting a Lab.
  3. Read the Terms and Conditions carefully, then sign & return them.
  4. Online Labs: Please read through the Online Lab Handbook carefully to familiarise yourself with the guidelines and recommendations.
  5. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Falling Walls Lab team directly.

Step 2 – Acquiring Partners & Pinpointing Details

  1. Contact potential partners with the Sponsorship Letter Template
  2. Use the Sponsorship Package for orientation purposes to help determine what role potential partners could play in your Lab
  3. Email your Falling Walls Lab POC and let them know the following information:
    – Name of your Lab: Falling Walls Lab XXX (usually the city in which you will host the Lab)
    – Type of Lab: In-person/hybrid/online
    – Organiser(s):
    – Location:
    – Date & Time:
    – Application Deadline:
    – Email contact for the marketing poster (& website if applicable):
    – Logos (attach files to email):

Step 3 – Promoting the Lab

  1. The Falling Walls Lab team will send you a custom Logo and Marketing Poster. Use these to market your event.
  2. If requested, we can provide you with an online banner (970x250px).
  3. If requested, we can also provide you with a social media kit. Please contact the Falling Walls Lab team and let us know which of the following GIFs you require: Facebook/LinkedIn (1200x1200px), Twitter (1024x512px), Instagram (1080x1080px).
  4. Send out a Press Release announcing the event to your community.
  5. Distribute the Call for Applications within your network.
  6. If interested in using marketing materials not provided by Falling Walls, feel free to use our Boilerplate and the 2019 Finale Photos to help inform others about our organisation (please make sure to use the copyright information provided).

Step 4 – Preparing Participants

  1. Invite jury members with the Jury Invitation Template. Make sure your jury is balanced in terms of gender & field of work.
  2. Request jury approval from the Falling Walls Lab team by submitting the Jury List.
  3. Once the application period has ended, the Falling Walls Lab team will send you a list of applications. Make a final selection of participants and contact all applicants with the Acceptance or Rejection Templates. Send the Presenter Briefing and Presentation Template to those applicants who were successful. Careful, there is a difference between the presentation template for DAAD Labs and the presentation template for non-DAAD Labs.
  4. Brief the jury with the Jury Briefing Template and ensure they are familiar with the Scoring System.
  5. Familiarise yourself with the new Evaluation Tool. The weighting of the scores has been updated, so it is important that you discard older versions of this file and only use the new version below.
  6. Prepare the Voting Sheets for the jury using the template below. If your Lab will take place online and you wish to have a digital alternative, please contact the Falling Walls Lab team in Berlin.

Step 5 – Executing the Event

  1. Have a look at the Stage Setup and the five key features that have to be present at every Falling Walls Lab.
  2. Get inspired by past international Lab Branding Activities.
  3. Brief the photographer with the Photography Briefing and familiarise yourself with the Presentation & Highlights Videos briefing.
  4. Download the following files:
    Countdown Clock (PowerPoint or MP4). Confirm that the sounds work. Online Labs: We recommend either showing the countdown clock via an additional screen or having the Master of Ceremonies/moderator keep track of time.
    Default Slide Template. Please be aware of the difference between DAAD Labs and non-DAAD Labs.
    Name Badge Template
    – Question Sign

    – Programme Booklet Template
  1. Contact the Falling Walls Lab team in Berlin to confirm that your Falling Walls Lab rollup is up to date or request a customised Banner. A Falling Walls Lab banner must be present at every Falling Walls Lab.
  2. Online Labs: Feel free to use the Lab Backdrop for your virtual events or make one specific to your Lab with your customised logo.
  3. Let the Falling Walls Lab team know who will be signing your certificates (name, position, affiliation) and request customised templates for Participant Certificates and Winner Certificates, and a customised Partner Sheet.
  4. Prepare for the presentations with the Presentation Flow Briefing and conduct a final rehearsal.
  5. Online Labs: Use the Award Ceremony PowerPoint template to help announce the winners during the online award ceremony. There are two versions: one for DAAD Labs and one for non-DAAD Labs.

Step 6 – Post-Event Tasks

  • IMPORTANT UPDATE (10 September 2021): Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a new policy has been implemented for the event venue to ensure the health and safety of our guests. All guests, including Lab winners, will only be able to attend the event with evidence of full vaccination against COVID-19 (with a vaccine approved by a national regulatory authority) or recovery. We will be checking proof of vaccination/recovery upon entry to the venue. Additionally, all guests will be asked to present a negative COVID-19 test result. More information regarding testing opportunities will be provided prior to the event. Once in the venue, mask policies and ventilation measures will help ensure the safety of all attendees. Please make sure you and your Winner also research the current entry requirements for Germany. While winners vaccinated with some non-EU approved vaccines will still be able to enter our venue, they may encounter travel restrictions (quarantine/testing requirements, etc.) upon entry into the country. Should travel restrictions apply, you and your Winner will have to decide if in-person attendance remains the preferred form of participation for them. For those unable to attend in person, alternative forms of participation will be provided, meaning that all international Lab winners will still receive the opportunity to compete in the global Finale.
  • Inform the Falling Walls Lab team about your winner (first name, last name, email address) within 24 hours of your Lab.
  • Confirm your winner has a valid passport that does not expire before May 2022.
  • Submit the following:
    List of Presenters
    – Post-Event Report (external link)
    – Photos, videos, programme booklet, and press coverage (via file transfer service)
  • Inform your winner about the opportunity to apply to this year’s Innovation Week (15-19 Nov 2021), organised by TU9 and the DAAD, using the materials below. Attention: Lab Winners must submit their applications for the Innovation Week within two weeks of their local Lab.
  • Prepare your Winner for the Finale:
    – Confirm your Winner’s vaccination/recovery status and inform Falling Walls
    – Assist your Winner in the creation of their submission video with the Video Pitch Briefing
    – Familiarise yourself with the Detailed Programme (last updated: 4 November 2021)
    – Book a flight for your Winner
  • Falling Walls will reserve a hotel room at our partner hotel for your Winner. To do this, please consult the Hotel Coordination file below.
  • Find out when your Winner will be presenting at the Finale in the Order of Presentations.
  • Share the Livestream Flyer with your network.
  • Share their final submission video within your networks once it becomes available after the Finale.
  • International Lab organiser tickets for the global Finale are in high demand every year, and we only have a very limited number of tickets available. This means that not every Lab organiser receives an organiser ticket and priority will be given to hosts who have not yet attended the Finale. If interested in a Lab organiser ticket, please contact the Falling Walls Lab team in Berlin and they will get back to you as soon as possible. Tickets will also be able to be purchased directly via our website.


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