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Carl-Henrik Heldin


Carl-Henrik Heldin is the Chairman of the Board of the Nobel Foundation, a Vice President of the European Research Council and member of several societies, including the European Molecular Biology Organization and Academia Europea. Since 1986 he has been the Branch Director of the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research in Uppsala, Sweden and since 1992 he is Professor for Molecular Cell Biology at Uppsala University. His research on exploring signal transduction mechanisms for growth factors and the usefulness of signal transduction inhibitors for tumour treatment has earned him numerous awards including the EMBO Medal, the Meyenburg Prize and the Berzelius Medal.

The Falling Walls Foundation receives advice, support and guidance from its board of Trustees – an international group of distinguished leaders from science and science policy. The Board is chaired by Jürgen Mlynek, the former president of the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres.

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