The Female Science Talents’ two- and three-hours workshops are designed to empower women to set themselves ambitious goals and develop their own leadership strategies. The series brings the talents into contact with top-class trainers, high-profile role models, and peers – some of whom are just one step ahead, to model a possible next steppingstone. Our short online workshops cover topics such as “Hidden Ambitions”, “Uncertainty and Leadership” and many more. We are constantly developing new bespoke workshops to help our participants advance in their careers and provide insights into gender diversity issues in science.


Female Talents in Science: #I Want To Lead

You are a woman, a passionate researcher, and you want to lead? Then these Female Science Talents Workshops are for you! Discover your potential to inspire people with your personality and research. Discuss career opportunities and unveil your capacities as women in science with your peers. Learn to formulate and present your ambition in a pitch training.

During this workshop you will meet role models with great career paths to learn from. After this workshop you will feel prepared to let decision makers and recruiters know that you want to lead and you are confident about your ambition. This workshop is hosted by two coaches and the Falling Walls Foundation and designed for 25 participants. Select a date and register now for this workshop for free and find out what kind of career you really want to have as a female science talent.


Workshop’s date:

30 November 2021

3.00 pm – 5.00 pm

Uncertainty and Leadership in Science: # I Want To Lead

You are a woman and a passionate researcher? You already know the uncertainty of leadership? Find out how to gain clarity in uncertain situations with regards to leadership in academia. Discuss your experience of leadership in science with your fellow peers. Learn how to rise above the noise and become crystal clear about the internal and external framework. Let our coaches help you identify your personal resources and how you can best use them to become an inspiring leader and an ambitious scientist.

This workshop is aimed at both women scientists with leadership experience and those who would like to take on a leadership role soon. In this workshop, you will get the opportunity to meet and hear insights from role models with leadership experience. This workshop is moderated by two coaches and hosted by the Falling Walls Foundation. It is free and limited to 25 participants. Register now to secure your place. We hope you will leave the workshop feeling motivated and inspired to shape a successful career for yourself as a woman and a leader in science.

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