International Spring GATHERING 2022

19-21 May 2022  //  Berlin

The Female Science Talents programme is proud to announce its inaugural International Spring Gathering. This event has been created for our Intensive Track Talents, 20 outstanding female, early career researchers seeking to change the world through their contributions to science, business and society.

The focal theme of this event is the application of gendered research to promote sustainable innovation. Gendered research has many benefits beyond necessary considerations of equitability. Despite the associated profitability for industry, there has been a lag in the uptake of the know-how gleaned through gendered research. Our International Spring Gathering will bring our Talents together with high profile female leaders from academia and industry to engage with this challenge.

Panel discussions will review best practices from within Europe and abroad, examine the role of politics in aiding knowledge transfer between sectors, and investigate how best to minimise associated risks. The in-person exchange on this essential topic will provide our Intensive Track Talents with invaluable insights and networking opportunities.

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