Selection Criteria

All PhD-students at the final stage of their research and postdocs or comparable qualification levels from all disciplines at university and non-university research institutions worldwide are eligible to participate. We are looking for exceptional talents who conduct inspiring research in their field.


Especially we are looking for:

  • A personality who can take responsibility and inspire and convince people.
  • A visionary who recognizes changes and upheavals and breaks new ground. She uses unexpected methods and accepts risks to achieve her goals.
  • A framer capable of driving scientific, economic, or social innovation in an uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environment.


Please, send us the following documents for the application process:

  • CURRICULUM VITAE: Show us the most important stages of your life (in a tabular form).
  • LETTER OF MOTIVATION: Why do you think this programme is right for you? (2000 characters)
    • Tell us about yourself (300 characters limit incl. spaces)
    • Tell us about your research (600 characters limit incl. spaces)
    • Tell us about your goals and the vision for your career (600 characters limit incl. spaces)
    • Tell us how our programme can help you achieve your goals (500 characters limit incl. spaces)
  • VIDEO: Convince us about you. You have:
    • 3 minutes,
    • 1 opportunity, and
    • our undivided attention.


The Deadline: 15 November. Please, send the CV and the letter of motivation in PDF format, max 5 MB as well as the video in MP4 format to


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