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Falling Walls Venture Pitches – Session 2: Engineering of the Future

Falling Walls Foundation | MotorSkins, Chemify, Q.ANT, Random Power (RAP!), Compular, InCirT, QphoX


As an international start-up competition, Falling Walls Venture showcases the most promising research-based initiatives from upcoming science-based entrepreneurs who are nominated by academic institutions from around the globe.

The projects being presented in the Engineering of the Future Cluster this year range from shape-changing textiles for human-machine interaction to the world’s first quantum modem device, a True Random Bit Generator for cybersecurity as well as a transceiver technology that enables ultrafast communication in 5G.

The 25 best emerging companies are invited to pitch their pioneering ideas and business models in front of a high-calibre jury and audience in Berlin. In a Joint Award Ceremony on 7 November with Falling Walls Lab (Emerging Talents) and Falling Walls Engage (Science Engagement), the winner will be dubbed the “Falling Walls Breakthrough of the Year in the Science Start-ups category”.

On 9 November, the recipient of this award will be invited to present again on the grand stage of the Falling Walls Science Summit, together with the Awardees of the Falling Walls Science Breakthrough of the Year in the other nine categories.


The Winners in the Engineering of the Future Cluster of Falling Walls Venture will present groundbreaking, innovative project solutions that are transferable across multiple industries and hold the promise to transform related sectors in ways befitting science fiction reality.

Who will pitch?
1. MotorSkins
2. Chemify
3. Q.ANT
4. Random Power (RaP!)
5. Compular
6. InCirT
7. QphoX

Moderation: AC Coppens

About the Venue
Radialsystem – Studio A
Holzmarktstraße 33
Berlin, 10243 Germany

We are MotorSkins, producing textiles that come to life. We are developing textile-based wearable robots. Our expertise is morphing textile surfaces with embedded fluidics for well-being, Medtech, Aerospace, Automobile, fashion and VR.

MotorSkins brings textiles to life. In the realm of soft robotics, we design and produce morphing textile surfaces with embedded fluidics. We are a cross-industry technology platform at the intersection of sports, well-being, safety and medical devices. We see textile soft-robotics as a means of achieving simple, elegant and affordable solutions for democratizing the technology. The emerging trend in smart textiles is towards not only sensing capabilities but also reacting and providing feedback. This is where we position ourselves. Compared to other technologies for morphing surfaces, our textiles don’t integrate electronics, which makes them fully washable, easy to produce, scalable, versatile and potentially easier to recycle.


United Kingdom

Chemical space is bigger than outer space, and it’s even harder to search. This is because chemistry is analogue and new molecules are currently made in the laboratory by hand. Chemify has built a technology for Chemputation.

Chemputation is the process of controlling chemical reactions to convert code to molecules and molecules to code. Chemify has used Chemputation to make the world’s first chemical search engine which will access and search >30 trillion makeable molecules.

With this technology Chemify can go deeper into chemical space than anyone could before. It will be possible to search for new molecules, reserve molecules of interest, and get these molecules made on demand. Chemify converts code to molecules and molecules to code for not only search, discovery, optimization and production, but also to invent new molecules with desired properties.



We at Q.ANT are revolutionizing the Quality of how machines Analyze their environment, people Notice information, and the way humans Think. So it is all about improving data generation and data processing.

To realize our vision, we develop novel (1) Particle Sensing for the control of bioreactors, food production, or chemical processes, (2) Magnetic Field Sensors provide a seamless Human-Machine interface, for example, to control exoskeletons by reading the nerve signals, (3) Atomic Gyroscope to improve low-earth orbit satellites to support the global high-speed internet access, and (4) Photonic Quantum Computing Chips, which will enable improved predictions in fields like logistics, process planning or portfolio management.

Unpredictability is usually perceived with a sense of uneasiness and discomfort. However, when it comes to securing our data, posts, pictures and whatever flows to (or from) the internet about us, protection relies on unpredictability. The impossibility for an eavesdropper or a hacker to break the walls protecting our digital life depends on secret keys, protocols and cyphering algorithms, namely the art & science of cryptography. Keys, essential to lock&unlock the doors, must be randomly generated. And true randomness implies unpredictability.

Random Power (RaP!) harnesses the quantum properties of semiconductors to generate a virtually endless stream of random bits feeding cyber-security systems. The principle is embodied in a Silicon device; the source of randomness is endogenous and this is a genuine paradigm shift with respect to existing devices, providing simplification and robustness of the system; quantum properties of matter make unpredictability irreducibly unbreakable.

In the same way that most engineering disciplines have gone from manual R&D processes to using digital CAD tools, we believe that material development will go from lab to in-silico based R&D.

That’s why we commercialize a completely new analysis software enabling the creation of more efficient, long-lasting and environmentally friendly batteries. The solution stems from many years of research at Chalmers University and can be used in development of any complex material.The patent-pending method, source code and key people are now gathered in the company Compular.

By leveraging simulations and data analysis, material developers can decrease their development cycles radically and get a better understanding of their new products to innovate and develop better products. In fact, it is difficult to compare Compulars’ tool to existing methods, given that the amount of tests you can do with Compulars’ tool is unlimited, as opposed to the boundaries of a lab facility.



InCirT is an EXIST funded spin-off from RWTH Aachen University providing IP solutions for the next generation of wireless communication, exploiting a novel, ground-breaking transceiver microchip technology. Advanced ultrafast wireless communication standards such as 5G Advanced and 6G demand ever better performing semiconductor technology.

While existing state-of-the-art technology at least struggles or outright fails to achieve the required performance, InCirT’s solutions meet even the highest demands. Our patented microchip technology delivers up to 100x faster data rates and 10x better energy efficiency than what current state-of-the-art technology achieves, while also being less costly for customers.

Our microchips can be applied in any device connected to a wireless network, from cell-phones to self-driving cars to network infrastructure base stations. This makes InCirT’s solutions a key enabling technology for the next generation of wireless communication.



QphoX is developing the world’s first Quantum Modem, a breakthrough device that will allow the quantum computing industry to scale through connectivity and parallelization and unlock the potential of the Quantum Internet. Quantum computing allows for certain complex, intractable problems to be solved, using classical processing technology and has the potential to transform fields like cybersecurity, AI, and big data research.

By creating remote entanglement links between distantly separated quantum processors, QphoX presents the first viable solution for scaling the performance of today’s most advanced quantum computers. With the accelerating pace of development of both optical quantum networks and microwave quantum processors, QphoX’s Quantum Modem will play an indispensable role in bridging these technologies, serving as the gateway to the Quantum Internet.

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