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Falling Walls Circle – Round Table: Shaping the future of Science Engagement

Falling Walls Foundation, Robert Bosch Stiftung | Rebecca Winkels, Nick Ishmael-Perkins, Rodrigo Tapia Seaman, Tina Stengele, Wiebke Rössig, Kari Mugo


This Round Table discussion will focus on the future of the Science Engagement field, with the Falling Walls Engage and the International Year of Science Engagement teams together with Science Engagement practitioners and relevant partners. How can we foster Science Engagement initiatives that aim to tackle local-global challenges and can contribute to a greater societal impact? Which initiatives can we develop to further potentiate the institutionalization of the Science Engagement field? In the Round Table, participants will discuss how to promote more participatory and co-creative approaches towards tackling the grand societal challenges associated with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The discussion will include the perspectives from several stakeholders such as Science Engagement practitioners and institutions, science institutions, civil society organizations, policymakers, funding institutions, and industry leaders. The learnings and conclusions of this Round Table will help to shape the 2022-2025 strategies of the Falling Walls Engage and International Year of Science Engagement initiatives.


Falling Walls Circle Tables gives the spotlight to world-leading scientists and science strategists, along with policy-makers from academia, business and politics to shape the agenda of the future of science.

Rebecca Winkels

Wissenschaft im Dialog (WiD)

Rebecca Winkels is the Director of Communications and Strategy at Wissenschaft im Dialog (WiD). She holds a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Kiel University and a master’s degree in Science Journalism from City University London. Before joining WiD she worked for the Helmholtz Association in various roles within the public relations sector.

Nick Ishmael-Perkins

International Science Council

Nick Ishmael-Perkins has worked in participatory global development for nearly 30 years. Much of that time has been spent delivering programmes of social and behavioural change. He has been awarded for outstanding achievement by the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association for his work in media development. He was head of research communication at the Institute of Development Studies and led SciDev.Net, the science journalism platform for low- and middle-income countries. He currently leads a programme on the Public Value of Science for the International Science Council. He is also Artistic Director of Wretched Theatre, a company working with migrant artists in the UK.

Rodrigo Tapia Seaman

Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation of Chile

Rodrigo Tapia Seaman, biochemist, is the Head of the Science and Society Division at the Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation of Chile. It is his objective to promote the socialization of knowledge. Rodrigo has dedicated the last 13 years of his career to create and produce outreach projects and science education initiatives. He is the CEO and Creative Director of Weikap, a company that organizes education projects using art and technology tools. Between 2012 and 2019, he was the Director of Outreach and Education at the Biomedical Neuroscience Institute at the University of Chile, where he developed educational programs, digital platforms, editorial projects, and evaluation systems. He was an advisor at Museo Interactivo Mirador (MIM), in charge of the script and content development for the “Neurozona” interactive exhibit.

Tina Stengele

Robert Bosch Stiftung

Tina Stengele is Program Director Science in Society at the Robert Bosch Stiftung. With its new topic “Science in Society”, launched in 2021, the Foundation will further develop its role as a catalyst for science on pressing social issues and successful exchange between stakeholders with different expertise and perspectives. The Foundation wants to drive new developments in how science, politics, and society interrelate.

Tina Stengele is a trained lawyer and works for the Robert Bosch Stiftung since 2005, first in Education and, since 2011, in Science and Research. Her particular interest focuses on building bridges between science and society.

Wiebke Rössig

Falling Walls Foundation

Dr. Wiebke Rössig studied Anthropology and Political Sciences with a special focus on conflicting interests and participatory approaches in decision-making. After her PhD, she worked on public participation strategies for the Federal Commission on Nuclear Waste Management. In 2016 she took on the lead of a project on visitor participation at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin and established the Experimental Field for Participation and Open Science, where new forms of public dialogue and participation in scientific research were tested and evaluated. Since 2021 she is the Director of Science and Society at the Falling Walls Foundation. With the Falling Walls initiative for an International Year of Science Engagement in 2025, she wants to advance participatory and co-creational Science Engagement and give space to the citizens of the world to engage with science and work together in reaching the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Kari Mugo


Kari Mugo is the Hub Manager of the Falling Walls Engage Hub Kenya, and the Public Engagement Lead at Mawazo Institute, a non-profit research institute in Nairobi (Kenya) that supports the next generation of female scholars and thought leaders in Africa through research funding and professional training. At Mawazo, Kari supports the development of Mawazo’s public engagement program, designed to expose policy makers and the public to important research and innovative ideas by African scientists and thinkers.

Mawazo’s vision is for a world in which the voices and ideas of early-career African women shape the future of the continent and the world.

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