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Falling Walls Circle – Round Table: Science & Entrepreneurship for a Circular Future

Falling Walls Foundation, BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt | Helen Burdett, Heba Aguib, Anne Lamp, Fridtjof Detzner


The constant growth of our population, finite resources, and a linear flow of materials as we know it, are no longer compatible. Looking ahead, the human approach of take, make, and dispose must be replaced by a circular one. We believe that responsible leadership and advancements in science and innovation play a crucial role in this transformation. Rethinking materials, products and optimizing their life cycle not only helps to sustain our environment, but also proves to be a forward-looking business model for visionary entrepreneurs and investors. Together with sustainability experts, tech entrepreneurs, and investors, we reflect on today’s global sustainability challenges and explore: How can science-based tech solutions together with impact-driven mindsets promote a circular future?


Helen Burdett

World Economic Forum

Ms. Helen Burdett leads the World Economic Forum’s work on circular economy. Her portfolio includes Scale360°, which advances innovation ecosystems for environmental and economic impact with scalable, locally-led innovation support delivered through private-public partnerships–all connected through a global digital community. In addition to her academic and research background at Georgetown University, Helen has 10 years of experience in strategy and operations consulting, international development, and software development. Prior to joining the Forum, she was a Director at Globality, a SoftBank-funded scale-up bringing digital transformation and artificial intelligence to the procurement industry.

Heba Aguib


Heba Aguib joined the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt in May 2019 with the ambition to strengthen the link between Tech for Good and investors to make a difference. An engineer by profession, Heba believes that technology can play a crucial part in advancing the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda. She is an Executive at the BMW Foundation responsible for the finance and invest areas and Chief Executive RESPOND.

Heba played a major role in establishing the Aswan Heart Research Centre of the Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation in Egypt. As head of its Biomedical Engineering and Innovation Laboratory and Honorary Fellow at Imperial College London, she led multidisciplinary projects for developing new computational solutions for early diagnosis and prediction modelling in cardiovascular disease. She is also the HealthTech Expert for the Digital Arabia Network. Driven by a firm belief in the importance of capacity building, research and education for sustainable development, she joined TU Berlin as Deputy Managing Director in 2011 to help establish the first satellite campus of a German public university in the MENA Region and Africa.

Anne Lamp


Dr. Anne Lamp is one of the two female founders, the CEO and inventor of the technology behind traceless materials. She is a specialist in the exploitation of proteins inherent in agricultural residues, a recognized industry expert for life cycle assessment and impact measurement analysis, and has practical experience in commercial product development for another of her 4 patents.

I have started my first company at the age of 16: With the help of  Jimdo, more than 25 million people have created their own websites. In 2017 I did a ten episode TV documentary with  “Deutsche Welle”: The idea was simple: Travel through 10 Asian countries for 120 days and pick one of the 17 UN sustainability goals.

What sounded nice in the first place turned out to be a live changing event for me. One example for climate change: I interviewed a farmer in India that tried to take his own life in protest by drinking pesticides in front of the Department of Agriculture.

When I came back from my journey I decided to invest my time and resources only into startups that are going significantly better then todays economy. So at the core of Planet A is the integration of science in investment decision processes.

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