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Breakthrough Conversations with Lilia Moritz Schwarcz

Falling Walls Foundation | Lilia Moritz Schwarcz, Aline Luckgen

Meet our Falling Walls speaker who is breaking the wall of authoritarianism!

The Falling Walls Conversations offer the unique chance to engage in a live conversation with Lilia Moritz Schwarcz. The historian, anthropologist and professor at the University of São Paulo is a speaker at the Falling Walls Breakthrough Day 2022 and a former winner in the category of Social Sciences and Humanities.

In her work, Moritz Schwarcz outlines the path through which democarcies can slowly become autocracies, demonstrating how the decline of Brazilian institutions undermined the role of race, gender and inequality in this process. At the same time, she shows how vigilant democratic engagement and the integration of new concepts and fresh principles may be used in nations around the world to preserve democracy.

In 2021, she was awarded the Reimar Lüst Prize, which is awarded by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and the Fritz Thyssen Foundation, enabling her to spend a research period at the FU Berlin starting in the summer semester of 2022.


About the Breakthrough Conversations

Engage in a live conversation with global science leaders at the Falling Walls Science Summit 2022! The Falling Walls Breakthrough Conversations on 8–9 November give you the unique opportunity to meet outstanding scientists, emerging innovators and science entrepreneurs via our livestream.

Funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and in partnership with Springer Nature, the Breakthrough Conversations offer the extraordinary chance to attend a live streamed interview with breakthrough thinkers and to engage with them in real-time online discussions.


How you can get involved

The 25-minute-interviews will be moderated by Springer Nature editors. The livestream will be integrated into a Zoom call. If you have a question to the guest, you can use the ‘raise hand’ feature in Zoom and the moderator will be informed. The moderator will get back to in the course of the interview and you will be able to ask your question to the guest live on air. Please note that in case of many questions from the audience, we may not be able to consider all of them.


About the Venue
AMANO East Side
Stralauer Pl. 30-31
Berlin, 10243

Lilia Moritz Schwarcz

University of São Paulo

Full Professor in Anthropology at USP, Global and Visiting Professor at Princeton. Published several books, 5 in English: Spectacle of Races, The Emperors beard, Brazil: a biography; Brazil reader. Curator of some exhibitions like: Mestizo Histories, Afroatlantic histories. Fellow at the Guggenheim Foundation (2006/ 2007), John Carter Brown Library (2007); visiting professor at Oxford, Leiden, Ècole des Hautes Etudes, Tinker Professor at Columbia University. Holds a Commend of the Brazilian Order of Scientific Merit. Since 2015 she is co-curator at MASP.

Aline Luckgen

Springer Nature

Aline obtained her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in bioengineering at Rice University in the USA and at the EPFL in Switzerland, respectively, completing short research internships in India, France and Japan during her studies. She completed her PhD at the Technical University in Berlin, where she investigated the degradation behavior of alginate-based hydrogels. Aline joined the Biotechnology team at Nature Communications in June 2020, where she now handles manuscripts in the areas of bioengineering and biomaterials.

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