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Mohammed Zaid


We are a youth of hope & team of power. Through LYBOTICS, our goal is to provide plenty of opportunities for both, educators and knowledge-seekers. We are working hard to show the positive side of Libya. Our Youth Team already represented Libya in the Global Robotics Olympics twice and one time in the World Robotics Championship. Our main goal is to spread and raise awareness about STEM and the Social Development Goals locally to change our community and globally by being part of STEM movements and online campaigns.

Our motto is: teach a child, build a future. Together, to make the world a better place.


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Mohammed Zaid, Leader, Lybotics

Mohammed Zaid is a programmer, Youtuber, and Instructor at Udemy and Maharah platforms for Online Teaching. Mohammed is very passionate about creating a positive change, helping others and building a better future. His interest is learning and teaching, so he basically learns to teach, inspiring! Mohammed is a programmer, accredited by the Libyan Ministry of Labor, Sololearn Academy, a strategic planning certificated from HP and a TEDxYouth Speaker. He is leading the LYBOTICS Youth Team, represented Libya in The World Robotics Olympics twice and one time in the World Championship.

Mohammed Zaid has not been able to obtain a visa and can therefore not attend the event. We deeply regret that this particular obstacle could not be overcome.

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