To continue our Hub series, we partnered up with Fundación Ciencia Joven in August 2020 to bring together and connect science engagers from Latin America and all around the world.

With the launch of this third Falling Walls Engage Hub, we wanted to put a spotlight on the rich and diverse Science Engagement scene in Latin America. On two consecutive days, Hub participants had the chance to virtually meet and exchange with inspiring Science Engagers and Science Engagement institutions – regionally as well as internationally from within the Falling Walls Engage community.

The Engage Hub launch event took place on Thursday 27 and Friday 28 August 2020 from 10 am-12 pm Argentinian time (3-5 pm CEST).

The virtual gatherings gave all Science Engagers the opportunity to get a glimpse of the current state of Science Engagement on the continent, share their experiences and solutions on how to engage the public, and explore potential collaborations to expand their network and activities.

We invited 10 international and 10+ regional Science Engagers from across Latin America to take part in the Engage Hub Launch.

Following the launch, we kicked off the 48h Future of Science Engagement Sciethon with the STEM Youth from Ciencia Joven.




More than ever before, 2020 has shown the importance of a broad and open dialogue between the public and scientific community. How will Science Engagement look like in 2030? How do we want to engage the public in science in a (post-)pandemic world in the next decade?

To address these complex issues, we asked the STEM Youth of Ciencia Joven and other young students from the region how they imagine to bridge the gap between science and society in the future. To make their ideas become reality, we invited students, young scientists, and Science Engagers to join the 48h Future of Science Engagement Sciethon on the weekend of 28-30 August 2020.

In mixed groups of 5, the Sciethon participants had 48 hours to address the Science Engagement challenges posed by the STEM Youth and to find creative solutions regarding the tools, teams, and target groups of 2030.

The 12 challenges can be consulted on

In a public Closing Ceremony on 1 September 2020, we presented all of the teams’ outcomes and announced the winners of the 48h Future Of Science Engagement Sciethon.

Discover the Three Winning Projects:

  • InformApp a platform providing reliable sources for decision-making
  • STEMos Unidas a collaborative network for women in STEM areas:
  • VerifiComCyt an information verification platform

The Closing Ceremony is now available online in English and in Spanish.


Read the Engage Hub Argentina Summary (PDF 3.9 MB)


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Oscar Contreras-Villarroel

Fundación Ciencia Joven

Oscar Contreras-Villarroel is the Hub Manager of the Falling Walls Engage Hub Argentina. He is the founder of the Fundación Ciencia Joven, and the Executive Director of the Ecoscience Foundation. Oscar’s expertise is in working with companies at a regional level to develop private partnerships. He was responsible for implementing one of the first STEM community engagement programme at the first Google data centre in Latin America. Oscar has been a Falling Walls Engage Winner in 2019 and 2021.

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