Falling walls engage pitches 2022


We are delighted to present the 50 outstanding Finalists who were selected from 193 excellent applications. In the next step, 20 Winners will be chosen from the Finalists and invited to present their project in Berlin on 7 November during the Falling Walls Engage Pitches to compete for the title of Falling Walls Breakthrough of the Year in the category Science Engagement.

On 9 November, the Breakthroughs of the Year in 10 categories – including in Science Engagement – will be celebrated during the Falling Walls Science Summit.

Discover the 50 Finalists

Please note: The numbers indicated do not count as ranking.

1. Thabiso Mashaba, IDIN-SADC Consortium, Botswana

2. Darshana Joshi, Rural STEM Champions Fellowship, India

3. Karen Verstraelen, Amai! What an amazing AI-dea!, Belgium

4. Nicole Rinehart, AllPlay: Making the World Fit for All Kids, Australia

5. Liesa Weiler-Wichtl, Junior research acadmey, Austria

6. Hannah Dalgleish, International Astronomical Youth Camp, United Kingdom

7. Jérôme Côté, Neuro-Show, Canada

8. Alfonso Olivera, STE(A)M ROOMS and LIDERS, Mexico

9. Laura Henderson, Frontiers for Young Minds, Switzerland

10. Helen Bridle, Let’s Do Engineering, United Kingdom

11. Hilary Webb, MOSAIC – Mission-oriented Swafs to advance innovation through co-creation, Belgium

12. Rosa Arias, OdourCollect: Co-creating collaborative odour maps, Spain

13. Neda Jafari, Starcup Competition, Iran, Islamic Republic of

14. Liat Ben David, Science Gap Year: enhancing equity through young science leaders, Israel

15. Otuo-Akyampong Boakye, Climate Smart Tree Planting, Ghana

16. Joshua Salazar Mejía, OfflinePedia, Austria

17. Sharon Unsworth, Kletskoppen child language festival / Kletskoppen kindertaalfestival, Netherlands

18. Yamilée Toussaint Beach, Empowering Girls through STEM and Dance, United States of America

19. Jie Geng, Science Drama videos, China

20. Jaime Antonio Mendoza Gonzales, Tecnonautas – Héroes del Planeta, Plurinational State of Bolivia

21. Sandor Kruk, Romanian Science Festival, Germany

22. Amber Abrams, Museum of Watery Relations/Water Map, South Africa

23. Andrea Remes, Erandi Aprende, Mexico

24. María Cristina Díaz, Chicas STEAM, Colombia

25. Theo Anagnostopoulos, “EcosySTEM”: Integrating Pomak students in Thrace through STEM environmental education., Greece

26. Anna Berti Suman, Sensing for Justice (SensJus), Italy

27. Tim Rademacher, Witness Tree Project, Canada

28. Vaishali Sharma, Young Tinker Academy, India

29. Chioma Ibiam Aja, Cafe Scientifique-Woman, Nigeria

30. Mark Peñalver, Citizen Science and Community-based Waste & Brand Audit and Water Quality Monitoring in Panigan-Tamugan Watershed in Davao City, Philippines, Philippines

31. Faqih Akbar Alghozali, Elasmobranch Project Indonesia, Indonesia

32. Carrie Boyce, Science is a Drag, Canada

33. Sally Snow, Sharks of the Sulu Sea Impact Media Campaign, Philippines

34. Miki Igarashi, Dancing Science Show, Japan

35. Charles Philipp, MICRO museums, United States of America

36. Guadalupe Díaz Costanzo, Ocean, Argentina

37. Brenda Noriega, Community Environmental Education Project, Guatemala

38. Hanna Rasper, Crowd-Science for the Med Sea – how crowdfunding can enable small-scale research projects, Italy

39. Michael Mumbo, Adventure in the Plants Kingdom, Kenya

40. Archie Forpoh, STEM After School Encroachment Program, Liberia

41. Pranjal Garg, Project Encephalon, India

42. Heike Wendt, Rethink Education and Science in Iraq: Student Conference on Sustainability, Austria

43. Agnes Förster, REVIERa, Germany

44. Ana Maria Londoño, EAFIT Children’s University, Colombia

45. Ana Karen Ramirez Tellez, STEM PARTY by Epic Queen, Mexico

46. Laila Berchane, Empowering Girls in rural areas through STEM, Morocco

47. Grace Kibui Kago, Youtube Channel That Discusses Cell Biology Topics In Gikuyu Language, United States of America

48. Victoria Kasprowicz, Using the internet as a communications tool to
facilitate scientific engagement projects with local communities in the COVID-19 social-distanced era, South Africa

49. Tatiana Rincón Bello, Environmental georeferencing as a strengthening strategy in STEM+A training, Colombia

50. Oluwafunke Akinbule, Nutritional Evaluation of Home-made Complementary foods using diversities of staples commonly consumed in Nigerian households, Nigeria

The Call for 2022 is closed. Thank you for your applications! 

Thank you to all the applications and nominations for the Falling Walls Engage Pitches 2022, we received a stunning 193 applications from 66 countries with participatory and interactive formats of all kinds – from co-productive research over public panels towards arts-driven or entertaining approaches.

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Information about the competition

Find out more about the competition’s process and the next steps below.


  • 193 Applications will be thoroughly screened by a selection committee to receive an answer in July 2022 if they are selected as one of the 50 Finalists to be featured on the Falling Walls website and other channels.
    • Digital Welcome Session with 50 Finalists, Falling Walls Engage and guests on 19 July 2022
  • 20 Winners, selected by an Advisory Board, will receive an answer latest in August 2022 if they were selected as one of the 20 Winners, who will be invited accordingly to pitch their project on stage on 7 November 2022 in front of an international audience.
    • Digital Welcome Session with 20 Winners, Falling Walls Engage and guests on 21 August 2022
    • To prepare for the pitches, all Winners will receive a dedicated pitch training by Pascal Heymann (Berlin Speaking) before the summit
  • The Breakthrough of the Year in the category Science Engagement will be selected by an international jury and announced on 7 November 2022, and present their project on the Breakthrough stage on 9 November 2022 together with other Science Breakthroughs of the Year


  • Unique networking-opportunities with Science Engagers and peers around the world.
  • Increased reach and visibility for you and your initiative on a global level.
  • Participation in multiple professional workshops with other Finalists.
  • Access to the global Falling Walls Engage Community, to join regular physical and virtual events such as the Falling Walls Engage Hubs.
  • Access to a digital and global community platform, to connect and collaborate with community members.
  • Inclusion of your Science Engagement project on the World Engagement Map.
  • Opportunity to get involved in the International Year of Science Engagement.
  • And much more.


  • Win a trip to Berlin and showcase your project to an international audience and a distinguished jury on stage on 7 November.
  • Have the chance to become the Breakthrough of the Year 2022 in the category Science Engagement.
  • Become a Falling Walls Engage Science Engagement Ambassador, an exclusive part of the Falling Walls Engage Community, with exclusive learning and development opportunities
  • In depth co-learning and peer exchange with Falling Walls Community members, partners and global leaders.
  • Your live pitch published on our growing Falling Walls media library.


  • Pitch your project in front of a physical and virtual audience of global leaders, award-winning professionals and industry-experts on 9 November at the Falling Walls Science Summit
  • Become a jury member in the category Science Engagement at Falling Walls 2023.

Contact & Questions

For further information about Falling Walls Engage Pitches 2022, please consult our FAQ here.

If you have further questions, please reach out to: engage@falling-walls.com.

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