Describe your project in three hashtags.

#EndMalaria #AIForGood #MalariaEliminationMadeSimple

How would you describe the main goal of your project in one sentence?

Harnessing artificial intelligence and smartphones to enable the implementation of large-scale, cost-effective malaria elimination campaigns.

What’s changed since your participation in Falling Walls Lab?

– We were selected as one of three finalists of the 5-year, IBM Watson XPRIZE AI for Good competition (finals: summer 2021. Total prizes: $5M).

– We proved, in larviciding operations (covering 200K people), that our system enables locating twice as many puddles for less than 0.5$ p. person protected.

How would you describe your research style in three words?

Innovative, Feasible, Proven.

What are your current goals to take your project to the next level?

Launching, for the first time in Africa, an elimination operation on an island – thereby demonstrating, in a highly controlled environment, the feasibility of our approach and technology; and enabling us to construct and test end-to-end elimination protocols of strategy, quality control, monitoring, and communication with the public and with policymakers.

For more information, visit Zzapp Malaria.

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