Describe your project in three hashtags.

#Alternative_protein #Mycelium-based #Foodtech

How would you describe the main goal of your project in one sentence?

Kinoko-Tech is offering the ability to generate good nutritional values and texture, to produce a variety of products. During the fermentation of our mycelium of mushrooms with legumes and grains, there is an increase in digestibility, nutrient absorption, lowering the carbohydrate, and providing a complete protein source. We offer tasty, and most importantly healthy and ecological-friendly alternatives to protein sources.

What’s changed since your participation in Falling Walls Lab?

We raised money for our company, expanded the team and our product possibilities.

How would you describe your research style in three words?

Open-minded innovation

What are your current goals to take your project to the next level?

We are working on creating collaborations with food companies that will allow us to start selling our product.

For more information, visit Kinoko-Tech.

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