Describe your project in three hashtags.

#innovative #modularstructure #sustainabledam

How would you describe the main goal of your project in one sentence?

To create a new and easy method for sustainable small dam construction.

What’s changed since your participation in Falling Walls Lab?

After Falling Walls Lab, I received many invitations to speak and expose my research in several universities in Europe and in Asia. I use these opportunities to obtain more feedback on my research for future improvement and connect with professors and hydropower professionals for future collaboration.

How would you describe your research style in three words?

#laboratory #fun #wet

What are your current goals to take your project to the next level?

My research is relatively new and has several limitations. Therefore, I would like to improve its applicability on a bigger scale. Luckily, I received an offer for PhD after several promotions to some professors in Germany, that if everything goes well the program will start in 2021. Wish me luck.

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