Planetary Health is a new academic field and policy framework focusing on the interconnections between human health and environmental sustainability. Bringing together a wide range of disciplines, Planetary Health is concerned with human-caused changes in Earth’s natural systems and their consequences on human health and wellbeing.

This framework calls urgent attention to the degradation of our planet, from climate change, species extinction, the pollution of air, water and soil, to the negative impact food production and land use. It urges for joint efforts from multiple sectors, research disciplines, social and political actors to reverse the trend and safeguard our health and the future of our planet.

This year, all events across the international Hub network are stirring up conversations on this topic by exploring innovative research and practices and engaging with regional perspectives at the intersection of health, the environment and engagement.

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Thank you to Injonge Karangwa, Sarah Hyder Iqbal, Sonia Peter, Mario de Leo Winkler and Paul Richards for your contributions.

Music Credit: Inspiring Uplifting Cinematic Piano by QubeSounds from Pixabay.

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