Why attend

Peter Seeberger – Max Planck Institute Potsdam

“I attend over 50 conferences a year – Falling Walls was the best one!”

Angela Merkel – Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany

“It is very good to see so many bright minds on 9 November talking about today’s walls and how to bring them down."

Bernd Bohr – Member Supervisory Board, Daimler

"It is a fascinating experience! The diversity of input, from young scientists as well as from established researchers."

Peter Schwarzenbauer – BMW AG

"I did not expect this huge variety of topics – it is very impressive."

Richard Saul Wurman – Founder TED Conferences

"One of the great gatherings in the world."

Joseph F. Coughlin – Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"The creativity and inspiration going across disciplines is how innovation happens."

Rob Knight – University of California

"You start to understand the connections between all these different things you are exposed to."

Olga Holtz – UC Berkeley and Technische Universität Berlin

“It’s a huge message of hope.”

Karsten Danzmann – Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics

"At other science conferences, 95% of the talks are so bad, you think of leaving! That is very different here - it is pure fun!"

Mathias Döpfner – Axel Springer

“This is what Berlin really needs. I am impressed.”

Sophia Vinogradov – University of California, San Francisco

"The atmosphere is all about thinking beyond boundaries."

Ranga Yogeshwar – Journalist

"This is something very important in our time, that innovations take place at the frontiers of different disciplines."

James D. Melville, Jr. – Deputy Chief of Mission, U.S. Embassy in Berlin

"It is wonderful – an intellectual feast!"

Nili Cohen – Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities

"This conference is special in being inclusive: young and old, different disciplines, different countries – this should be a guideline for every scientific institute in the world!"

Sir Paul Nurse – Royal Society

"I think it is breaking down walls of ignorance. “

Bernhard Mohr – Evonik Venture Capital

"The expectation is to take something home, to learn about new trends, something which is personally and professionally relevant."

Naila Kabeer – London School of Economics

„This conference has been one of the most interesting experiences in my life."

Christoph-Friedrich von Braun – Andrea von Braun Foundation

"If you are a forward-looking entrepreneur, this is what you want to be looking at."

Volker Meyer-Guckel – Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft

“The innovative concept of Falling Walls leads scientific conferences to a new dimension."

Michel Kazatchkine – UN Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

"A remarkably organized, inspiring, dynamic and high-level event."

Gregory Ralph Crane – University of Leipzig

"It really changed the way I am thinking and it may well challenge me to reorganize my own research in a pretty substantive way!"

Kevin Bales – University of Nottingham

"This kind of communication trains us to put the facts before the public in ways that lead to a pro factual society - not a post factual society!"

Hal Varian – Google

"Science meets business."

Dirk Helbing – ETH Zurich

"I really love this event, because it brings science, society and politics together! It really changes your view of the world."