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Leila Takayama

University of California

Leila Takayama, Associate Professor at the University of California, is on the forefront of making human-robot interaction more natural, easy and effortless. She uses her experience as a senior Google researcher as well as a  psychology professor to assess what humans want from robots and why they like or dislike certain traits. Leila is a researcher,  entrepreneur and innovator and her research has the  potential to redefine how we interact with robots and what our future co-existence with them could look like.

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Up to 20 scientists and leading experts from all over the world and a wide range of disciplines are invited to share insights into their future-changing work at the Falling Walls Conference on 9 November, in front of 700 international guests. In an inspiring, information-packed 15 minutes each, speakers present the core of their breakthroughs – which walls are they helping to tear down and how will it transform our lives?

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