Speakers 2016

Quarraisha Abdool Karim CAPRISA, Durban

BREAKING THE WALL OF HIV INFECTION. How Epidemiology and Prevention in Young Women Can Achieve an AIDS-free Generation

Kevin Bales University of Nottingham

BREAKING THE WALL OF SLAVERY. How Social Science Combats Unfree Labour in the Global Economy

Françoise Baylis Dalhousie University

BREAKING THE WALL BETWEEN GENE SCIENCE AND ETHICS. How Philosophy Can Provide Frameworks for a Global Biotech Revolution

Nili Cohen Israel Academy of Science and Humanities


Tumani Corrah Africa Research Excellence Fund


Gregory Crane Universität Leipzig

BREAKING THE WALL TO ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE. How the Digital Humanities Help Us Think About the Past to Invent the Future

Sadie Creese University of Oxford

BREAKING THE WALL OF CYBERATTACKS. How Cybersecurity Research Defends Our Critical Infrastructures

Karsten Danzmann Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics

BREAKING THE WALL OF THE DARK UNIVERSE. How Gravitational Waves Let Us Hear the Sound of Space

Jack Gallant UC Berkeley

BREAKING THE WALL OF THE MIND. How Computational Neuroscience Can Decode Thoughts and Actions

Neil Gershenfeld Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

BREAKING THE WALL BETWEEN DIGITAL AND PHYSICAL. How Digital Fabrication Gives Birth To Programmable Reality

Rob Knight UC San Diego

BREAKING THE WALL TO OUR MICROBIAL SELF. How Microbiome Research Redefines Our Idea of Being Human

Lim Chuan Poh A*STAR


Randolph Nesse Arizona State University

BREAKING THE WALL TO UNDERSTANDING DISEASE. How Evolutionary Biology Explains Why we Get Sick

Peter Neumann King's College, London

BREAKING THE WALL OF RADICALISATION. How Security Studies Explore the Roots of Terror

Hélène Rey London Business School

BREAKING THE WALL OF GLOBAL ECONOMIC CRISES. How Macroeconomics Shape the Financial Architecture of Tomorrow

Katherine Richardson University of Copenhagen

BREAKING THE WALL OF EARTH'S EXPLOITATION. How Planetary Boundaries Envision A Safe Operating Space for Humanity

Salah Sukkarieh University of Sydney

BREAKING THE WALL TO SUSTAINABLE FARMING. How Robotics and Digital Data Will Change the Future of Agriculture

Eyal Weizman Goldsmiths, University of London

BREAKING THE WALL OF HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION. How Forensic Architecture Reveals War’s Secrets

Birgitta Whaley UC Berkeley

BREAKING THE WALL OF QUANTUM LIFE. How Quantum Biology Lays the Groundwork for Organic Technology

Otmar D. Wiestler Helmholtz Association