Speakers 2013

Johanna Wanka German Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Official Opening 2013

Benjamin R. Barber CUNY

BREAKING THE WALLS OF THE NATION-STATE THROUGH INTERDEPENDENT CITIES. How a Global Parliament of Cities Can Establish a Sustainable Democracy

Andreas Barner Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft


Jagdish N. Bhagwati Columbia University

BREAKING THE WALL OF EXTREME POVERTY. How Economic Growth in India Shows the Way for Other Developing Countries

Olafur Eliasson Universität der Künste Berlin


Jill Farrant University of Cape Town

BREAKING THE WALL OF FAMINE. How Molecular Plant Physiology Creates Drought Tolerant Crops

Elvira Fortunato Universidade Nova de Lisboa

BREAKING THE WALL TO A NEW AGE OF ELECTRONICS. How Micro- and Optoelectronics Lead to Transparent and Paper Transistors

Stephen Friend Sage Bionetworks

BREAKING THE WALL TO COOPERATIVE MEDICINE. How Open Systems and New Incentives Will Redefine Healthcare

Anita Goel Nanobiosym


Rolf-Dieter Heuer CERN

BREAKING THE WALL OF THE HIDDEN UNIVERSE II. What the Discovery of the Higgs Boson Tells us About Physics, Mankind and the Universe

Jules A. Hoffmann Université de Strasbourg

BREAKING THE WALL OF INFECTIONS. How Insect Science Contributes to Understanding Human Immunity

Stefan von Holtzbrinck Holtzbrinck Publishing Group


Robert P. Kirshner Harvard University

BREAKING THE WALL OF COSMIC ACCELERATION. How Supernova Explosions Trace the History of the Universe

Wolfgang Marquardt German Council of Science and Humanities


Karlheinz Meier Universität Heidelberg

BREAKING THE WALL OF TRADITIONAL COMPUTING. How the Human Brain Project Can Contribute to a Fundamentally New Paradigm of Information Processing

Daniel G. Nocera Harvard University

BREAKING THE WALL OF PERSONALISED ENERGY. How Artificial Leaves Can Solve the Global Energy Crisis

Onora O’Neill University of Cambridge

BREAKING THE WALL OF HYPER-REGULATION. How Intelligent Accountability Can Stop Bureaucratic Excess and Improve Governance

Mark Pagel University of Reading

BREAKING THE WALL OF COLLECTIVE STUPIDITY. How Evolutionary Biology Explains Creativity

Michael M. Resch Universität Stuttgart

BREAKING THE WALL OF REALITY. How Simulations on Supercomputers Accelerate Progress

Michal Schwartz Weizmann Institute of Science

BREAKING THE WALL BETWEEN BODY AND MIND. How Neuroimmunology Develops New Strategies Against Brain Ageing and Degeneration

Dan Shechtman Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

BREAKING THE WALL TO A START-UP NATION. How Technological Entrepreneurship Saves Economies With Limited Natural Resources

Salil Shetty Amnesty International

BREAKING THE WALL OF HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS. How Advocacy and Activism Pave the Way for Rights and Dignity

Luc Steels Universitat Pompeu Fabra Barcelona

BREAKING THE WALL TO LIVING ROBOTS. How Artificial Intelligence Research Tries to Build Intelligent Autonomous Systems

Sophia Vinogradov University of California

BREAKING THE WALL OF PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITALS. How Video Games Can Improve Brain Functioning and Treat Mental Illnesses

Sir Mark Walport UK Government Chief Scientific Adviser

Keynote 2013

Ai Weiwei Universität der Künste Berlin

BREAKING THE WALL TO THE ARTS. How the Internet Opens a New Era of Creative Expression Beyond Boundaries