Speakers 2009

Alain Aspect École Polytechnique

Breaking the Wall of Quantum Weirdness. How Experiments Reveal Photon Schizophrenia.

Jean-Michel Borys Epode

Breaking the Wall of Childhood Obesity. What Parents, Politics, and Vegetables Can Do

Michel Brunet Collège de France

Breaking the Wall Around the Secrets of Our Origins. How Early Hominids and Their Paleoenvironments Can Explain Our Species

Dipesh Chakrabarty University of Chicago

Breaking the Wall of Two Cultures. Science and Humanities After Climate Change.

Matthias Driess Technische Universität Berlin

Breaking the Wall of Limited Resources. What Catalysis Can Do to Save Energy and Create Materials.

Detlef Günther Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule (ETH) Zürich

Breaking the Wall of Timing Our History. How Trace Elements Analysis Will Help to Understand the Past of Our Planet

John-Dylan Haynes Humboldt Universität zu Berlin

Breaking the Wall of the Human Mind. How Neuroscience Helps Us Read Thoughts out of Brain Activity

Rolf-Dieter Heuer CERN

Breaking the Wall of the Hidden Universe. How Particle Physics Can Explain the Nature of Matter.

Norbert Holtkamp ITER

Breaking the Wall of Fusion. How the ITER Project Aims for Limitless Energy

Harold James Princeton

Breaking the Wall of Finance. Why this Current Crisis Will Be Transformational.

Stefan Kaufmann Max Planck Institute

Breaking the Wall of Unequally Distributed Diseases. How Immunology Can Contribute to One Healthy World

Gerhard Knies Desertec Foundation

Breaking the Wall of the Fossil Age. How Desertec Can Overcome Energy Resource Limitations and Global Warming.

Angela Merkel Federal Republic of Germany

Keynote. Breaking the Walls of the 21st Century. (2009)

Richard Morris The Wellcome Trust

Breaking the Wall of Research Funding. What Funding Can Do to Enable - and to Disrupt - Research Excellence.

Glenn Warren Most University of Chicago

Breaking the Wall around Ancient Greece. How to Imagine the Classics in the 21st Century

Klaus Robert Müller Technische Universität Berlin

Breaking the Wall between Mind and Machine. How Neurotechnology Can Expand Human Capacity for Action.

Miguel Nicolelis Duke

Breaking the Wall of Neurological Disorder: How Brain-Waves Can Steer Prosthetics.

Stephanie Reich Freie Universität Berlin

Give me a Break: a Vision for Research

Martin E. Schwab Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule (ETH) Zürich

Breaking the Wall of Paraplegia. How Neuroscience Can Help Spinal- and Brain-Injured Patients.

Peter Seeberger Freie Universität Berlin

Breaking the Wall of Expensive Vaccines. How Automated Carbohydrate Chemistry Can Save A Life for One Euro.

Tricia Striano Hunter College

Breaking the Wall of Infant Development. What Modern Art and Modern Books Can Do for Children and for Autism Research.

Franz-Josef Ulm Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Breaking the Wall of Concrete Pollution. How Green Concrete Can Reduce the Giant Carbon Footprint of Construction.

Wendelin Werner École Normale Supérieure

Breaking the Wall of Randomness. How Random Phenomena Disseminate.

Thomas Wiegand Technische Universität Berlin

Breaking The Wall of the Flat World of TV. What Three Dimensional Television Pictures Will Look Like.

Muhammad Yunus Nobel Laureate

Breaking the Wall of Poverty. How Social Business Allows a Future for Human Kind, That Is Sustainable And Joyful.