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Falling Walls Berlin takes place in several venues located in different corners of Berlin City. Therefore, we do not recommend one single hotel to our guests, but want to encourage you to individually find a place that best suits your needs and taste. To avoid confusion among the numerous possibilities in the German capital and also to prevent frustration with booked up rooms (as Berlin can become quite crowded in November), we reserved room allotments for you in a choice of hotels we especially like. Please contact the hotel and book your room individually, mentioning “Falling Walls” with your booking. And make sure you do so before the expiry date of the respective allotment given below.

If you can, extend your stay and enjoy the many cultural delights Berlin has to offer, including the Berlin Science Week of course!

Hotel Room allotments for Falling Walls Berlin, November 7 — 10, 2020:

  • Hotel Adlon Kempinski

    Unter den Linden 77
    10117 Berlin

    Executive Category:
    Single Room: 230 € per night, incl. breakfast
    Double Room: 260 € per night, incl. breakfast

    Deluxe Category:
    Single Room: 260 € per night, incl. breakfast
    Double Room: 290 € per night, incl. breakfast

    Book your room before October 7th, 2020, mentioning “Falling Walls”, at
    phone: +49 30 2261 1111
    Fax +49 30 2261 1116
    mail: reservation.adlon@kempinski.com

  • The Westin Grand Berlin

    Friedrichstraße 158-164
    10117 Berlin

    Standard Deluxe Category:
    Single Room: 189 € incl. Breakfast
    Double Room: 209 € incl. Breakfast

    Book your room before October 7th, mentioning “Falling Walls”, at
    phone +49 30 2027 3420
    fax +49 30 2027 3419
    mail: reservation@westin-berlin.com

  • Eurostars Hotel

    Friedrichstraße 99
    10117 Berlin

    Single Room: 149 € per night, incl. Breakfast

    Book your room before October 7th, 2020, mentioning “Falling Walls”, at
    phone: +49 30 701 736 284
    mail: events@eurostarsberlin.com

  • Cosmo Hotel Berlin Mitte

    Spittelmarkt 13
    10117 Berlin

    Comfort Category:
    Single Room: 144 € per night, incl. breakfast
    Double Room: 154 € per night, incl. breakfast

    Deluxe Category:
    Single Room: 164 € per night, incl. breakfast
    Double Room: 174 € per night, incl. breakfast

    Book your room before September 14th, 2020, mentioning “Falling Walls”, at
    mail: info@cosmo-hotel.de

  • Hotel Amano

    Auguststraße 43
    10119 Berlin

    Standard Category:
    Single Room: 129 € per night, incl. breakfast
    Double Room: 139 € per night, incl. breakfast 

    Book your room before August 14th, 2020, mentioning “Falling Walls”, at
    phone: +49 30 34 7472 300

  • Park Inn by Radisson Berlin Alexanderplatz

    Alexanderplatz 7
    10178 Berlin

    Single Room: 121 € incl. Breakfast
    Double Room: 131 € incl. Breakfast

    Book your room before October 10th, 2020, sending this >> booking form to
    fax +49 30 2389 4546
    mail: reservations@parkinn-berlin.com

  • mondrian suites berlin

    Markgrafenstraße 16-16a
    10969 Berlin

    Studio Premium
    Single Room:  99,00 € per night, incl. breakfast

    Book your room before October 23rd, 2020, mentioning “Falling Walls”, at
    phone: +49 30 2123660
    fax: +49 30 21236644
    mail: fom@mondriansuites.com

  • Motel One Berlin – Potsdamer Platz

    Leipziger Platz 12
    10117 Berlin

    Single Room: 90,50 € per night, incl. breakfast
    Double Room: 105,50 € per night, incl. breakfast

    Book your room before October 7th, 2020, sending this >> booking form to
    fax: +49 30 2067078 10
    mail: berlin-potsdamerplatz@motel-one.com


Inside Berlin, you can easily move by a net of suburban trains (S-Bahn), tube (U-Bahn), tramway (Tram) and buses. Connections, schedules, maps and tickets are provided by the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG).

Use Berlin's public transport

You can reach Berlin by intercity trains (ICE) from all over Germany and the neighbouring countries. Falling Walls cooperates with the German Railway Services (Deutsche Bahn) who offer a special event ticket to the Falling Walls Conference. Check train connections and ticket rates at the booking page of Deutsche Bahn.

The two Intercity train stations closest to the Falling Walls venues are Berlin main station (Berlin Hauptbahnhof) for Berlin centre and Pariser Platz as well as Berlin East station (Berlin Ostbahnhof) for the Radialsystem.

A flight from Cologne to Berlin causes ten times the amount of CO2-emissions of a train ride for the same distance. Consider benefiting from our special rates with the event ticket from Deutsche Bahn to get to our conference.

Plan your journey now

Berlin has two airports, Berlin-Tegel (TXL) and Berlin Schönefeld (SXF). Find all flight and airport information online at their shared website Flughafen Berlin-Brandenburg.

We are working on reducing our carbon footprint. Please help us minimise the emissions caused by our conference by compensating your flight’s CO2 footprint with atmosfair:



    Alexanderufer 2
    10117 Berlin

    8 November 2019

    8 November 2019

    8 November 2019

  • Museum für Naturkunde

    Invalidenstraße 43
    10115 Berlin

    8 November 2019


    Pariser Platz 3
    10117 Berlin


    8 November 2019

    9 November 2019


    Holzmarktstr. 33

    9 November 2019

Educational Leave

If you are employed in Germany, you may attend the Falling Walls Conference, Falling Walls Engage, Falling Walls Lab, Falling Walls Venture and Falling Walls Circle in the context of an educational event for your professional training – that means additional leave days and sometimes further support. You can fill all information in German on how to request educational leave (“Bildungsurlaub”).


Code of Conduct

What Falling Walls Is About

The Falling Walls Foundation provides essential global platforms to connect science, business, and society by a shared dedication: creating breakthrough solutions to challenges across borders and disciplines.

The fall of the Berlin Wall marked the dawn of a new era of freedom, by breaking both physical and imaginary barriers in Germany and around the world. For many people, it has become a symbol of overcoming division. Inspired by the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, we believe that cooperation, persistence, and imaginativeness can overcome any barrier. Falling Walls celebrates each November 9 anniversary with an unwavering commitment to foster further breakthroughs in science and society.

Consequently, we encourage every member of the Falling Walls programmes, all online followers and every participant of our events to be excessively curious: question any wall you see, explore new fields of knowledge, approach people you never thought you would talk to, and start sentences with “Even if this might sound weird…”. To foster this kind of curiosity, we absolutely depend on safe, friendly, and barrier free environments. Help us create these by flattening hierarchies, steering clear of judgmental communication, and finding respectful ways to voice criticism if you want to.

Falling Walls is all about barrier-breaking communication – off- and online. We are thankful for online posts and comments spreading your impressions and Falling Walls messages on the web and social media and won’t be mad when we catch anyone surfing the web while at a Falling Walls event. We do our best to show livestreams or videos documenting our events, provide our own channels and hashtags and try to have powerful WIFI, charging stations hashtags to help extend our online community.

The Falling Walls Foundation provides no warranty and accepts no responsibility or liability for the accuracy, or the completeness of the information and materials contained in posts or published materials of third parties.

We see all of our guests as individual participants, there are no spectators at Falling Walls events. All of you are active parts of the Falling Walls community, whose ideas we are curious about and whose attitude and behaviour shape how we work and which goals we can reach together.


And What Falling Walls is not about

It is self-evident that our goals do not align with any form of discrimination. Falling Walls events provide professional, respectful, and harassment-free environments for all participants, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, ethnicity, national origin, age, or religion. Discriminatory behaviour will not be tolerated at Falling Walls events or within our channels of communication – be it by guests, participants, hosts, sponsors, or service providers.

We expect all participants to help create a respectful and friendly atmosphere. That means not only doing without from any form of discrimination or harassment yourself, but also standing up against it whenever you notice others in an uncomfortable situation.


Reach out for support

If you experience or witness any violation of this code of conduct, we absolutely encourage you to turn to whomever is currently within reach for help – no one is a spectator at Falling Walls events but we’re all part of the community. In case you are not sure whom to turn to: All Falling Walls team members, clearly recognisable by their badges and/or red accessories, are approachable for questions, remarks, and assistance.

In case you feel misinterpreted or wrongly suspected, please also get in touch with our staff. We are lucky to have team members specially trained in mediation and conflict management and might be able to help break down this wall of understanding, too.

In case no Falling Walls team member is within reach to answer your questions or concerns falling into the realm of this code of conduct, please turn to our guest manager in the Falling Walls Conference team Claudia Brueninghaus, claudia.brueninghaus@falling-walls.com, or call us at tel. +49 30 609 88 39 70.

Berlin, October 20, 2019

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