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The Falling Walls Forum is a high level Q&A with the conference speakers and distinguished leaders at the Conference. Taking place during the lecture breaks after each session, the panel discussions offer a relaxed setting in which to delve deeper into the research presented by the speakers and to explore their real-life implications. Moderated by international journalists, conference speakers enter into an exchange with prominent figures from the world of industry, policy or civil society to deliberate on points of convergence or disruption, discuss challenges and prospects for the future.

How does the digital age and the decline of our critical reading abilities affect the publishing world? What discrepancies exist in efforts to combat fossil fuel dependence in different parts of the world? How are tech companies adapting to the demand for more ethical AI? Which policies are needed to tackle the global mental health epidemic? These are examples of the questions explored on and around the Forum Stage, where attendees are encouraged to pitch in with their own expertise, ask questions and take an active part in the debate.

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