At the Falling Walls Conference, we bring together high-profile scientists, decision-makers and representatives from the world of business and politics to connect with each other and inspire them by presenting the latest breakthroughs in science and society. Our distinguished speakers work at the cutting edge of their scientific field and together represent a wide, interdisciplinary range of topics that will shape the way we live for years to come.

Our Partners are given an opportunity to discuss and shape these inspirations by meeting with fellow participants face-to-face in exclusive breakout sessions throughout the conference day. On board the Falling Walls Ship partners are able to organise Breakout Sessions with the help of our team and take advantage of the illustrious pool of guests to enrich their session with the sharpest minds on the planet.

Whether an advisory board meeting, an international gathering of innovators or an informal get-together with the team, the space is open to ideas and preferences. The sessions are based on pur partners’ topics, agenda and selection of guests from the Falling Walls Conference.

As an additional service, our conference programme officers can co-curate the session, matching guests with inspiring thinkers and interdisciplinary experts among the Falling Walls participants. We enrich the event, for example by inviting some of our international experts and excellent young researchers to the table, or by designing a topical session on contemporary science issues related to the relevant sector. Our conference team will be happy to steer the meetings on an inspiring course.


The Falling Walls Ship will be moored alongside the Radialsystem on the river Spree, which makes it an integral part of the conference landscape while at the same time providing a more private space for Breakout Sessions. With a coffee bar and dedicated staff on board, our conference catering can be provided at any time.

You can book your meeting between 11.20 am and 6.00 pm on November 9, as long as there are time slots available. The meetings can last up to 90 minutes and we will try to accommodate your scheduling wishes as precisely as possible. However, please keep in mind that we give out time slots on a first come, first serve basis.

For any further details or reservations, please contact: laura.guindy@falling-walls.com

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