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The fall of the Berlin Wall marked the dawn of a new era of freedom by breaking barriers both physical and imaginary in Germany and around the world. Three decades on, the night of 9 November 1989 has become a symbol of changing status quos and overcoming divisions of all kinds. Drawing inspiration from this historic moment, the Falling Walls Conference is driven by the desire to find out: which are the next walls to fall in science and society?

Since its inception, the conference has become a unique global platform connecting science, business and society through a shared commitment to create breakthrough solutions to challenges across borders and disciplines. Each year, twenty of the world’s most forward-thinking scientists and boldest visionaries take to our stage to showcase their scientific breakthroughs from the broadest possible range of disciplines.

The Falling Walls experience isn’t merely confined to our Lecture Hall though. Further inspiration awaits during the breaks: Through chance encounters over coffee, at the Forum Stage or in the Braindate Lounge, where you can dive into the entire width and depth of ideas pooled together by our community.

Representatives of the global avant-garde of researchers and thinkers, decision-makers from science, business and politics, and emerging talents convene on this day in Berlin. With the goal of fostering shared learnings and new connections by bridging borders and disciplines, the conference gathers more than 700 participants from all over the world. Our biggest thanks therefore goes to all those who have made this trip to exchange insights and share inspiring stories. On this note, we would also like to thank each of our partners for their support along the way. We are particularly grateful to the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the Helmholtz Association, the Robert Bosch Stiftung and the Berlin Senate.

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