Rafael Laguna de la Vera

Circle Participant 2019

Co-founder and CEO of Open-Xchange, Rafael Laguna has been building and growing software companies for over 25 years. Rafael is a long-time advocate and campaigner for open-source software and the open web and has repeatedly proven that open approaches can produce profitable, high-grade commercial software without compromising user privacy or safety. Since its launch in 2005, Open-Xchange has partnered with many of the largest providers in the world in order to deliver email and productivity solutions, including secure storage, file and document management, and best-in-class IMAP and DNS management. In addition to his role at Open-Xchange, Rafael was appointed Founding Director at SprinD in 2019. SprinD is a new €1 billion federal agency that will help identify and finance large-scale, cutting-edge innovation projects in Germany over the next decade.