The international Hub network aims to foster networking, dialogue and collaborations within the Science Engagement community. In 2022, the Falling Walls Engage Hubs are focusing on Planetary Health and providing space for dialogue on the topic by exploring innovative research and practices, and engaging with regional perspectives at the intersection of health, environment and engagement. For more information about the international Hub network, click here.

Given the local, regional and national action of the Falling Walls Engage Hubs, the discussions taking place at the Hub level are a great source of diverse global perspectives on the Planetary Health topic and gather expertise around engagement in this field. These perspectives will be showcased and highlighted by the Cascading Debates project, and integrated into the Planetary Health plenary table at the Falling Walls Science Summit 2022. Additionally, challenges, insights and recommendations for action resulting from the Falling Walls Engage Hubs Planetary Health discussions will be included in the Cascading Debates report to be launched in the beginning of 2023.



By clicking on the button below, you can access and download an overview on the most relevant perspectives (challenges, insights, recommendations for action) that resulted from the Planetary Health discussions that took/are taking place at the Falling Walls Engage Hubs.


An online webinar entitled “Eastern Africa Challenges & Opportunities to Planetary Health” (22.03.22), organised by the Mawazo Institute, integrated the program of the Falling Walls Engage Hub Kenya. Melvine Otieno, founder of the Planetary Health Eastern Africa Hub (PHEAH), introduced the concept of planetary health, its relevance for the Eastern African region and the work of PHEAH. The webinar, followed by Q&A, highlighted PHEAH’s actions to respond to the various challenges posed by climate change and health issues, through research, education, youth and community engagement, leadership, cooperation with indigenous communities and advocacy towards policymakers.

33 participants from 5 different countries and diverse backgrounds (civil society organisations, general public, scientists and scientific institutions, Science Engagement practitioners) joined the webinar. The webinar and Q&A focused on raising the awareness of participants about the Planetary Health framework and its relevance for Kenya, highlighting several Planetary Health challenges that the kenyan territory and wider society is facing. It was also a great space to think about potential solutions that can help overcome such challenges. For more information about the perspectives collected during the webinar and Q&A, check the section Cascading Debates – perspectives from the Falling Walls Engage Hubs.

Photos credit: Mawazo Institute


On May 2022, the Falling Walls Engage Hub Canada hosted a panel on Planetary Health, as part of the “Symposium for Science Engagement: Communicating the Urgency of Planetary Health”, in Montreal, Quebec. 40 participants included science or environment writers, as well as Science Engagement practitioners, that came together to discuss the Planetary Heath topic, the challenges associated with it, and the potential for change through Science Engagement.

Cascading Debates at Falling Walls Engage Hub Mexico

From 29 June to 2 July 2022 the Falling Walls Engage Hub Mexico gathered 20 Science Engagement practitioners from 7 countries, as well as universities, scientists, students and local partners. In this 4-day event in Mexico City and Santiago de Querétaro the participants explored the state of the art in the region, learned and exchanged on Science Engagement and Planetary Health.

In particular, the Planetary Health theme sought to develop interdisciplinary discussions, best practices, and recommendations for more effective engagement with communities and policymakers.
On June 30, in collaboration with the Metropolitan Autonomous University, there was an increased focus on this subject. A group of fourteen Mexican researchers were invited to provide insights into Planetary Health research in their respective fields and participate in group discussions. In addition two representatives of the Planetary Health Alliance shared introductory keynotes on health in the Antropocene and the specifics of the Caribbean region.


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