Together with the Hybrid Plattform – an initiative by the University of the Arts Berlin and Technische Universität Berlin – Falling Walls Engage is organising the first online #hybridchallenge for international Science Engagers!

In teams of 5, participants will be invited to brainstorm on two concrete challenges in the field Green Chemistry, posed by two groups of young Chemistry researches based at the Chemical Invention Factory (CIF) Berlin. While testing their skills, Science Engagers will be able to learn about unique communication approaches and perspectives along the way!


Challenge #1: Treating wastewater with the power of light

Carsten and Prashanth have developed a photocatalyst that promotes the decomposition of contaminants in wastewater using sunlight. They hope their solution may help meet the global demand for good quality of water.

Challenge #2: Creating a sustainable cycle for specialty raw materials

Specialty raw materials are a key driver for new high-tech products.The increasing global deployment of these materials comes at a cost for the environment, though. Til, Matthias & Mukesh from SiQAl are addressing this issue by introducing the concept of circularity in the sector and up-cycling wastes from the industry.


Special Guest

We will also have the pleasure to welcome Prof. Dr. Berit Greinke, from the University of the Arts and Einstein Center Digital Future, who will share inspiring insights on Origami Garments, a research project at the intersection of design, art and engineering.



Hybrid Plattform

The Hybrid Plattform is a cross-disciplinary project platform by the Berlin University of the Arts and the Technische Universität Berlin. The platform enables artists, scientists and experts to collaborate beyond their individual disciplines and universities, investigating future-oriented topics and issues. The results are unique projects, new networks, further platforms and innovative approaches for teaching and research.

Chemical Invention Factory (CIF)

The Chemical Invention Factory (CIF), initiated by Technische Universität Berlin brings together visionary scientists and empowers them to evolve chemical inventions. The CIF is a technological greenhouse to boost visionary scientists and devoted to inventions in the fields of Green Chemistry, Materials and Nanotechnology.


For more information, contact engage@falling-walls.com.