1. When and where does Falling Walls Venture take place?

Falling Walls Venture takes place each year on 8 November in Berlin, alongside the Falling Walls Conference on 9 November.



2. What is my benefit if I participate?

Above all, Falling Walls Venture is a platform to showcase outstanding scientific research and its entrepreneurial potential

Why should you join the Finale in Berlin?

  • You receive free entrance to the Falling Walls Conference on 9 November where you will meet some of the world’s most prominent scientists.
  • Enjoy meetings with international investors who are looking for business opportunities.
  • Visibility and media coverage - locally and international
  • Get personal advice from the renowned jury and our investment committee
  • 1:1 coaching session and intense preparation on the presentation
  • Strong connections to top entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, company builders and corporate innovation leaders from around the world

3. Who can apply for Falling Walls Venture?

Falling Walls Venture is open to entrepreneurs and scientists whose start-ups are based on scientific research. Applications are open to all scientific disciplines. Each start-up must be endorsed by a nominating institution. This can be a university or a research institution. All start-ups must be founded as a company by the time of the event. If you have already participated in Falling Walls Venture as a presenter on stage, you cannot apply again.
Among all applicants 20 finalists will present their breakthrough businesses on 8 November in Berlin.

4. How does the application process work?

Go to our website and fill out the registration form. Applications will presumably open in spring. Once the respective deadline has passed the nominated start-ups will be evaluated based on the following three criteria:
  • Level of innovation – does the project have potential for innovation, does it have a groundbreaking idea, does it represent a breakthrough?
  • Commercial potential – could the project change the market situation?
  • Social Impact - could this idea/product change people's life?

The start-ups matching the above criteria best are chosen to participate in Falling Walls Venture in Berlin on 8 November.

6. What are the things the Falling Walls Foundation is looking for in a start-up?

Falling Walls Venture is committed to science based start-ups, i.e. new companies that are founded by researchers and based on new research insights. Therefore, start-ups with a purely commercial focus and background should not be nominated. 

7. What does the programme of the event look like?

Every start-up will have up to 10 minutes of time. The first minute is reserved for the endorsing institution and its reasoning why they believe their start-up has the most impressive breakthrough potential. Following on, the founder has five minutes to present his business concept. Thereafter, up to four minutes of question time will be available to the jury and audience. 

At the end of the day the jury will award the title “Falling Walls Science Start-Up of the Year” and the winner will get the opportunity to present his/her business model to an audience of 700 guests at the Falling Walls Conference on 9 November.

Falling Walls Venture will be held in English.

8. Is there time to discuss my breakthrough with the jury?

Every participant has 5 minutes time to present her/his breakthrough business model. The jury will ask questions or make comments following the presentation. If participants would like to further discuss the research work or business idea, several breaks and networking events allow for deeper discussions.

9. My start-up is in a very early phase, can we apply?

We also welcome start-ups in early stage and seed phases. The minimum requirement is a stage beyond proof of concept. A start-up should be able to present a business plan or a prototype. The company must be founded by the time of the event.

10. My startup is not founded yet, can I apply anyways?

Yes, but your company needs to be registered by the time of the event.

11. Can the Falling Walls Foundation pay for my travel?

The Falling Walls Foundation is unable to bear any travel and accommodation expenses. We kindly ask participants to make their own travel arrangements.

12. Are there any costs for participating?

There are no costs/fees for participating.

13. Can I apply more than once?

The participation at Falling Walls Venture is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Therefore, participation is allowed only once. By applying, the candidate confirms that she/he has never participated in Falling Walls Venture as a presenter on stage before. If a candidate was not selected to participate in a contest, she or he can apply for another one.

14. Who can I contact in case I have a question about Falling Walls Venture?

Please contact the Falling Walls Venture Team in Berlin at venture@falling-walls.com.